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Killer Wi-Fi

Wifi as the new Bogeyman is back in the news again. -*It seems that every few years someone starts a run at blaming the electrons in the air for a cornucopia of malady’s.
In 2007, just as Wifi was becoming ubiquitous, the claims and hysteria started.
Working as a support manager for a major automation manufacturer we did indeed receive a number of calls from installers whose clients expressed grave concerns. This was just as we rolled out a line of Wifi capable units.
The “Article” below in response to a similar story in 2007 was posted as part of a newsletter I produced for the manufacturer.
Do you see this fear amongst your cleints? -*Or is there a new Bogeyman- big data perhaps?
Originally Published September, 2007 as part of an internal newsletter called T6.
Killer Wi-Fi?
Around the world, fears persists regarding the possible health risks of Wi-Fi
Q: Scenario: I am running my laptop at Starbucks. What is my risk compared to other radio frequency activities?
A: The amount of energy that access points emit is very tiny. I did a survey of wireless LANs lasts year and in all cases the signal strength was tiny compared to other sources,Aeisuch as cell base stations. Most client cards in a laptop emit power that is substantially less that what a cellular phone emits.
At the same time, the speed of the interface is usually very high, but it only transmits in pulses, depending on bottlenecks in the system and handshaking protocols. It is not a continuous transmission. So you are looking at an access point that has the power of a cell phone, and is only transmitting for 1/1000th of the time. So the exposure is trivial compared to that of other sources.
T6 Commentary:-* The fear of electricity and Radio waves being the cause of a host of diseases has been around since the time such technologies began to become ubiquitous.
In the Early 20,Aeos magnetism and ,AeoElectro-Therapies,Aeo replaced snake oil as the causecure of all manner of aliments ,Aei(some of which may still offer hope even today, though with much of the over-reaching claims tempered).-*
-*Today Cell phones and wireless transmission technologies have become the new bogeymen. In the 50,Aeos it was the dangers of nuclear radiation. If made now,-*it would the ,Aeomicrowave,Aeo transmissions which would be the cause of all the mutation in the movie THEM!
Of note is a full-on medical study of the effects of EMF generated by high power lines on long Island and a relationship with a spike in breast cancer. The Study was to look for a link between the high power lines in the backyards of a particular community and the abnormal numbers of cases being diagnosed in the area. After several years and multiple studies NO link could be found.
In the late 90,Aeos a few studies indicated that excessive cell phone use could lead to brain tumors and some suggested a correlation to birth defects ,Aei(due to the proximity to the reproductive organs ,Aei especially men- and that many cell phones are worn on a belt).-* The initial tests have yet to be reproduced in other clinical studies. *Editor Note: Studies as of 2015 are still unable to-*categorically draw a direct link*
I can tell you that I can speak from experience that EMF from lower UHF transmissions has some effect on a person, given proximity and duration of exposure. When I first started working for a high end staging company I was a rental test technician, and one of my responsibilities was to assemble and test medium to large-* wireless microphone systems.-*
Most of the time this testing consisted of 4 or 5 units in combination, often the days testing would be broken up by testing and packing 4 track recorders or other AV pieces, as well as wireless mics. On such variety days I would not notice any effect of working around such equipment all whilst in direct view of the World Trade Center broadcast antenna.
Then there were the days we tested large packages of wireless with 10-15 units per rack, and often multiples of this setup. I would often leave work with a heady ,Aeohigh,Aeo which would only dissipate after an hour or so away from any testing.
We assembled enough of these systems during my 2 years as a rental tech to notice the onset of said ,Aeohigh,Aeo with large systems.-* The high left you with a felling of levity, silliness and just a bit unbalanced. I can only relate the feeling to what I feel when I eat then attempt to be ,Aeoathletic,Aeo, nearly sick but not debilitating so.
Is there still to be a definitive clinical study, which will send a shock wave through the populace as much as the announcement in the 60,Aeos from the Surgeon General on smoking did?-*So far the evidence lends it self to the unlikely tag at least for the power levels of the devices in question.-*
My anecdotal evidence aside, I do not fear my daily exposure to the wireless world.
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