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Listener Questions on AVWeek – September 18, 2015

The AVWeek for September 18, 2015 will be a unique show as Bradford Benn has once again wrestled control of an AVWeek Episode away from Tim Albright. The episode will be AVNation’s first ,AeuListener’s Mailbag.,Aeu Bradford decided to take over the show during a discussion in August with Tim and Matt Scott. The conversation was started by the simple sarcastic comment, “So it’s acceptable to charge double your regular programming rate when you upload the final code and the client sends you a text he is ‘tweaking it’ and you know you’re gonna half to fix it tomorrow!”
That conversation ended up leading to discussions about warranties and licensing. It also lead to the idea that there is a unique group having the conversation, people with varied backgrounds in the AV industry from residential installer to commercial installed to consulting to manufacturer. We found the discussion was more enlightening than expected.
With that simple discussion, Bradford decided that it would be a good conversation for AVWeek Episode #213. Previous interactions between Matt, Tim and Bradford have covered topics ranging from IP addressing schemes to wire selection to the favorite demonstration movie.
It’s with this free-*flow of information in mind that-*Bradford decided it would be a great opportunity to let you, the readers, listeners, and viewers of AVNation ask Matt, Tim, and Bradford questions.-*Yes, this episode will be an experiment and we hope you will participate by submitting a question below. If there are not enough questions, the topic will be what order should the Star Wars movies be watched. (Not every question will be answered, the selection of questions is solely at Bradford’s discretion.)
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