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There are a handful of us who run AVNation. You can check them out in the board, producer, and hosts section. This group is varied and have years of experience. I am very blessed to be able to call these people my friends, colleagues, and compatriots. They range from East to West coast have degrees in dance and electrical engineering. Some don’t have degrees at all; in fact, one got kicked out of bible college. They are talented in their own right. These are the people who bring to the table new ideas for blogs, shows, and specials. These are the people who point me in the right direction of which trade shows to cover and which ones we can skip. They do a great job.
However, I would like to get a bit wider input. AVNation is four years old as of this July. That’s a pretty significant accomplishment. It helps that we are not a profit-centric organization, don’t sell ads, and really are trying to serve the community. So, community, what are we missing? This is not us hunting for compliments. I don’t expect the “oh, you’re doing a great job, just keep it up”. I want “hey, you don’t ever cover this”. Some ideas for you to consider.
Residential AV
From time to time our weekly show, AVWeek, will have a number of stories that are more centered around the residential market. On those weeks, I’m sure there are more than a few of you in commercial who don’t get a lot out of those. Would it be helpful or beneficial to have a show dedicated to the residential market? Would you listen?
Building/Campus Automation
We do cover this a bit in State of Control. Is this segment big enough to warrant a monthly look into the ins and outs of the industry? Building automation and control is becoming a big part of what a number of integrators are tackling. Does that mean we should do a show on it?
Integrator Business Advice
This is one I have struggled with because it’s an area I face on nearly a daily basis; making financial decisions that impact others’ lives and livelihood. Think of it like a monthly NSCA BLC or InfoComm AVEC. It would be a look at the business trends, regulations, and legislation that impacts you as business owners.
These are just ideas I came up with. Now it’s your turn. What do you think we are missing or what have you always wanted to know more about? Comment below, reply to the Tweets, or send me an email, tim@avnation.tv
Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog. Have a great week.

About Author

Tim Albright is the founder of AVNation and is the driving force behind the AVNation network. He carries the InfoComm CTS, a B.S. from Greenville College and is pursuing an M.S. in Mass Communications from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. When not steering the AVNation ship, Tim has spent his career designing systems for churches both large and small, Fortune 500 companies, and education facilities.

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