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The Friday Five: Spetember 18, 2015

LG will reportedly unveil a 55-inch ‘rollable TV’ prototype in 2016
Asked and answered. Looking for a more flexible screen? LG is ready to deliver, according to this venture beat report. The electronics giant will debut a 55″ rollable TV in the next calendar year, as early as at International Consumer Electronics Show (ICES) in January 2016. Not only would it be really cool to have a large display rolled away in some closet to pull out when needed like everyone used to do with bed sheets and slide projectors, it also brings a host of new possibilities a few years down the road to stunning audio visual projects. Also, bonus points to venture beat for their paragraph making fun of IoT, you’ve won me over.
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5 ways to stay sane if your boss is a micromanager
Honestly, I am feeling like someone should have micromanaged the author of this post (Mike Davies, Western Management Consultants) into spelling out five, instead of using the numeral, but that’s just me. Have you ever worked at a job where you’ve been micromanaged? Maybe you were a first-year installation technician and the team lead liked to stand over you and breath on your neck while you were terminating cable? Maybe you work for someone who wants endless pie charts created about bars, and bar graphs-*created about pies. Either way, sales or service, everyone runs into the possibility of working for a micromanager. I have worked for one in the past and let me tell you, it was hellacious. Like a motorist tailgating you, all instincts say to speed up and get out of their way, but you shouldn’t; don’t try to control the-*controller, instead take a look at these steps and start “managing up.”
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‘HeadsetGate is Not a Conspiracy, and We Can Prove It
Take it with a grain of salt from the Boston-area-based RF Venue, but they’ve set to go all mythbusters on the New England Patriots’ being accused of tampering, or interfering with Pittsburgh Steelers’ coach-to-coach communication lines in last week’s Thursday night matchup, which the Patriots won. Now, before you shake your fist, stare at the sky and menacingly yell “sportsballs!” I’m going to bring this back to AV. With some pretty sound deductive reasoning, these fine folks walk you through the difference between radio broadcasting (FM) and personal communication (UHF), talk about encryption and jamming and other cool words. Read it from them, they’re way smarter than I.
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Neighbors Shocked When Giant Google Balloon Falls From Sky Onto Quiet SoCal Street
Not exactly your run of the mill technology article, nor your mainstream technology media outlet, but the local CBS Affiliate in San Franscisco has a nice story on a wonderful neighborhood experience with Google: a giant balloon crashing down in the middle of their street. Now, I know what you’re saying, trash falls from the sky all the time – like the meteor in Joe Dirt, right? Wrong. It doesn’t. This was one of Google’s Project Loon balloons, designed to provide 3g or better internet connectivity through floating balloons. Originally this project encountered significant numbers of these balloons falling from the sky, but Google had thought they found a remedy. On the bright side, it didn’t fall out of the sky randomly, it was scheduled to land nearby, just “not at Olaffson’s house,” notes CBS.
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Can the Apple TV Finally Smarten the Living Room
Two Apple TV articles in back-to-back weeks, this is really unusual and I apologize. While Apple looks forward to replacing everything on your TV stand, currently it’s one of many components in a tangle of wires behind your TV. What a great sentence, and so true. I have an Apple TV. I have used it just once in the last year, last week. I watched an episode of Narcos in bed, because I had to get up at 4 in the AM and wanted to trick myself into thinking it was bed time. However, I’m running an old Apple TV, it’s a few years old and certainly not as nice as the new ones. Making significant strides over previous versions when it comes to being a one-stop entertainment shop, Apple has progressed, but has a long ways to go before it’s the only thing on my shelf next to my horribly poor TV (I’m not telling you so you can’t judge me).
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