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The Friday Five: September 25, 2015

Video Startup Blue-*Jeans raises 76.5 Million from NEA and Derek Jeter
It’s finally happened: my two favorite things have intersected – video startups and sports stars. Ok, maybe not so much, but former New York Yankees shortstop and future first ballot hall-of-famer Derek Jeter joined the list of Blue-*Jeans donors. Blue-*Jeans recently completed their Series E funding cycle netting $76.5mm, or roughly what Jeter earned in four years while wearing a type of pinstripe suit. Regardless of who funded it, $76.5mm is more than enough to prove software-based video is here to stay, despite the fact that free-videoconferencing software Skype was down for an extended period.
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An Introvert’s Guide to Being Productive in the Office
Want to be a useful member of your workplace but are also inverted? This article is for you. Being an introvert in an office can be difficult.-*It can be draining and annoying and sometimes (more often than not) both at the same time. Believe it or not, I’m kind of introverted and these suggestions are spot on for managing my time and productivity and making sure the most important tasks are done. That being said, it is a poorly kept secret that I will extrovert for beer.
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Microsoft Office 2016 Review
It’s here, and AV/IT professionals need to be ready to support it. The Verge takes a look at the recently released Microsoft Office 2016 – a welcomed refresh from the 2013 office suite of product. I, for one, look forward to seeing what functionality I depend on has been stripped and how many extra keyboard shortcuts and click-throughs I’ll have to add to get the functionality I use on a daily basis. At least it’s infinite job security for IT professionals! And endless headaches for all of us AV Pros who use it regularly.
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Say Cheese! The past and future of the videoconference room camera
David Danto offers a look the past, present, and even future of videoconferencing cameras. Everyone claims to have a videoconferencing “killer” and some companies are certainly closer to others.-*The main videoconferencing manufacturers are definitely feeling the heat, or at least seeing fewer units purchased. Take a look at his list and make sure he doesn’t miss anything.
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Cable companies given their walking papers at intensifying rates
The revolution is here, and it’s streaming. More and more fine folks are seeing the light and moving away from OTT television. Cable and satellite providers are facing subscriptions declining at an alarming rate. The cord-cutter revolution is gaining more and more ground and forcing content creators and television providers to re-evaluate their delivery and pricing strategies. In the end, at least with Comcast, we’ll all lose somehow.
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