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AVMonth Returns!

How many of us out there have said in the last few weeks, “Wow! Is it already almost Halloween” as we stared at the aisles of candy lining the convenience and grocery stores that we so often frequent? Well, I’m right there with you, except there’s something much more important that starts-*today that is getting lost in the costumed holiday – #AVMonth.
Each October the industry celebrates a bit about itself and we are all encouraged to beat our collective chests with pride over the industry that we’ve built, established, run, and participated in for however long we’ve been a part of it. This is your chance as an AV professional to share a bit about what you do with the community and then brag about it to show why you, or your company, are better than your competitors as being an #AVAmbassador.
If you venture over to InfoComm’s website to see what AVMonth is all about you will find suggestions for activities you can plan or ways that you can share your personal story, company story, or that of the industry.
It doesn’t have to be much, and to give a personal example, I’m sitting down with my high school alumni magazine right as the month kicks off to talk about the AV industry and the amazing career that I have been able to build from being a part of it. Who knows who it might inspire to look our way and see if there isn’t something in the future for the next generation of techs.
AVNation will again be striving to put up 31 original posts in 31 days between our podcasts and blogs so stay tuned to what our staff writers and contributors will be up to this month.
Let us know in the comments what you’re up to as this month progresses because we’d be thrilled to help spread the word about what you’re doing to bring AV to the people as well.

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