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The Friday Five: October 2, 2015

The Internet of Things!!
Not just one article, but four for the price of one – talk about value!-*The Internet of Things explained by Randy Tritz, an informative look at what is the internet of things, to get you started. Wash that down with How the Internet of Things is bringing AV and IT together and chase it with the post Internet of Things (IoT): More Than Smart Things. But be cautious, because When the IoT Attacks, it isn’t pretty.-* An Internet of Things article a day (or four) will keep the doctor away, you’re welcome for your dosage.
FCC Clarifies third-party router firmware is allowed- but with restrictions
The FCC was initially considering legislation to rule out third-party router firmware, but has mercifully reconsidered so long as the device in question is “protected from flashing a third-party firmware-*that would modify the RF parameters in a way that would take the device out of compliance and cause harmful interference.,Aeu I look forward to seeing the great ingenuity as users figure their way around this, like every other telecom/electronics related regulation.
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5 Best Reasons to Turn Down a Job Offer
In the market for a new job? Know of someone who is? Point them towards this article, on five great reasons to turn down a job offer, beyond just compensation. I was fortunate enough in my last job search to be able to pick and choose which opportunities I went after. While searching for new employment it was clear to me that several positions that were offered to me might not be the best fit. Keep a keen eye on these five factors when interviewing and avoid a potentially dreadful mistake.
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Four Employment Retention Strategies for the Modern Workplace
As of 2015, millennials outnumber Generation X in the US Workforce. Ha! Take that, you slightly older but mostly similar people. Millennials get a bad wrap from a lot of people – we’re “lazy” and “entitled” apparently. I don’t know about all of that, I do know myself and similarly aged coworkers from my current and last job worked hard and finished what we started, but what do I know? Fast Company brings you four ways to keep millennials on your work team and I suggest you read them. I’m going to add one more that should be obvious, but it seems it isn’t for some – don’t micromanage.
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IP for Sports: The Future is Now
One – I don’t like that this is content from a manufacturer. Two – If you take out sports and replace it with AV really, it’s a lot better. The future is now, we’re talking about it and people are already doing – moving from purpose built infrastructure to signal-agnostic IP transport of AV-*signals. The limitation is no longer the type of cable, or connector, but the quality of the cable and connector. Take a look at how moving AV over IP can be better in just about every way than before.
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