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Of Pride and Packaging

He who works with his hands is a laborer.
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.
He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.,Aeu
-Attributed to -*Francis of Assisi

When something is done with a passion and attention to detail, anything, it moves beyond the utilitarian and becomes the art of a craft.
The professional audio visual industry is a passionate one. We are a community that works endless hours just to wire a rack both functionally correct and with visual appeal as well. In truth, after the installation is done almost no one, save a few other technicians, will see it. Regardless of this fact it is an imperative that it be ,Aeudone right,Aeu for our own sense of pride and to instill confidence in others.
Buildings of the not so distant past were-*not just erected as brick and mortar, they added-*examples of craftsmanship to embellish the visuals. The requisite decorations on buildings such as scrolls and the masonry embroidery at street level were matched on window sills and with figures several floors up. Even at the top of high rise office buildings, the little details mattered – to be seen by few others, if at all, after installing.
It is not so much the decorative aspects that matter, it is the pride in workmanship, however small the job. -*
The present, with our prefab houses, prefab buildings and even prefab cruise ships, pays little mind to the arts and crafts aesthetic, noting simply “It works, don,Aeot it?” -*
This is why it is such a pleasure when one receives gear which is packaged with care and skill. It is not that the manufacturers in the AV industry do a bad job of it. -*The skill required to create boxes and inserts that withstand the perils of shipping and protect its cargo is quite high.
When it is obvious that extra time was spent to prepare an item, it instills a bit of awe.
Take for example a recent delivery of recessed rack ear attachments from KAE corporation.
Their RBK-1 is a simple utilitarian piece of folded metal. -*The purpose of the item is to sit back a piece of equipment far enough that the connected cables do not stick out past the rack frame.
Again, is it a piece of folded metal, artfully packaged.-*
They way we received the items gave us pause before having to place them in a parts bin to be available to our rack builders. The units were packaged with a care equal to hand book binding.-*-*
We actually look at the parts a bit differently now, with a bit more consideration than just another consumable accessory needed to complete the job. -*We see pride in the product from the designer to the folks preparing it for shipment.
As AV Month comes into full swing, take a step back and appreciate the skill, craft, and care taken by the entire industry. Notice the little things and endeavor to provide them yourself.

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