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AVI Systems Comes Together for Company Unity

Communication is the fundamental element when considering how we can best promote understanding and progress. As a part of the AV industry we are fully aware of the available options for technology that can be utilized to improve day to day coordination or a group update for those scattered across great distances, but sometimes the kind of coordination and information that needs to be disseminated to the collective group goes far beyond a bust talking on our screens. It,Aeos at these moments that getting all parties together in a physical space benefits the company. AVI Systems saw that now was the time to gather representatives from their 18 offices located all over the country to share knowledge, experiences, solutions, and the direction of the company.

When examining any circumstances about unifying a collective you must first look at the issues that you,Aeore facing and own up to the fact that there are challenges being faced. To help speed this along, David Labuskes, Executive Director and CEO of InfoComm International, addressed where the AV industry is going and some of the global issues that we are all facing. Breaking it up into two categories ,Aei System Complexity and Customer Expectations ,Aei Labuskes shared some of the issues that consume several hours of worry for the InfoComm membership. What are we doing about the shift from hardware to software based products? How are we dealing with consumerization and the ,Aeugood enough,Aeu acceptance from our customers? The point that stuck out as a greater industry issue needing to be addressed was the downward spiral of passive acceptance into which integrators and customers occasionally fall.
This is a downward spiral of which we, as an industry, must be conscientious. As times get tough or as companies get busy we can often neglect professional development with manufacturer visits, training, or other educational opportunities. This, in turn, can lead to a lower quality of work and if that remains consistent, a lower expectation from the customer base. As the customers begin to expect less, our organizations start to be held to something less than an exceptional experience and the spiral will continue unless there is a concerted effort by both the company employees and the customer to improve the quality with which the work is performed. By making certain there are time and resources available to provide for that professional development will keep the company at peak performance levels and allow for a greater differentiation between you and your competitors.
Addressing this issue isn,Aeot always easy for a company because technicians are always in demand in the field. AVI Systems, though, used this as the time to make the announcement of the company initiative for promoting professional development for all their employees with the construction of their own training facility to be located at the headquarters in Eden Prairie, MN. This company training facility will be staffed with full time trainers to prevent the downward spiral and hold themselves to the highest standards as they will be teaching CTS, CTS-I, and soon CTS-D course prep. This isn,Aeot something that every company is capable of providing due to the financial burden, but AVI Systems must be commended for the effort and investment that they are making in their staff development.
This investment isn,Aeot a unique move for AVI Systems. Being 100% employee owned means that a complaint about the direction of the company isn,Aeot just a frustration coming from the field technicians, it,Aeos also a concern being voiced by someone with stake in the company. There isn,Aeot an AV integrator in the US that takes more pride in their employee ownership and ESOP plan.
AVI Systems Chairman Joe Stoebner made the message to the leaders from all over the country for his continued vision for the company he founded over 40 years ago very simple: do what you say you,Aeore going to do. As service providers, it is entirely about improving the customer experience. The equipment and technology so often discussed and debated is only useful if it actually improves the experience of the people that will be using it. If promises to accomplish a specific project or function of a system are the customer,Aeos request and you,Aeore say you,Aeore going to meet their needs then you must do it.
Much of the language used by the speakers, panelists, and others sharing their stories was direct and without embellishment. No one was more succinct than AVI Systems President and CEO Jeff Stoebner when he summed up the often forgotten fundamental of the AV industry, ,AeuWe help humans come together using technology.,Aeu AV is about communication and allowing people to work together, share together, and come together. AVI Systems came together for their first national sales meeting this week and the communication that the employees/owners get to take home and share demonstrates they are a forward thinking company with a focus inward to ensure quality and development.

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