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The Friday Five: October 16, 2015

Consumer AV for Commercial Projects? The Debate Rages On
The industry is engulfed with this debate, from consumer grade technology driving what goes into professional applications (think wireless mirroring of your mobile device, among many other things) to wanting pure consumer solutions due to price point. I admit that I, myself, did knowingly design consumer displays into commercial installations when I was a tech manager, but it was the difference between having the project denied or funded. However, in the long-term sense, consumer grade products just don’t stand up as well as their commercial counterparts. Commercial Integrator has a good look at this from an integration and manufacturer standpoint.
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The FCC has turned down one of the first business complaints under net neutrality
Want to watch live images of the city of San Diego? I, for one, would love to when the weather here in the north reaches negative temperatures, but Commercial Network Services, a company which uses Web cams to broadcast live images of the city to remote viewers is finding it increasingly difficult thanks to Time Warner Cable. The San Diego based video company alleges Time Warner was hindering their ability to reach consumers with its video traffic. Predictably the FCC punted. Check out some analysis on Soundreason.org as well
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Networked AV In Depth: Managing Quality of Service
Lots of talk about convergence of AV/IT and making the AV world more IT-centric. Here’s a good place to start as an audiovisual professional: a working knowledge of Quality of Service (QoS). With more and more UC&C being done from a computer, the importance of managing network traffic, bandwidth and QoS will only become increasingly important. Managing networks appropriately can yield higher performance when collaborating through the computer with video and document sharing. This is a great post by Tim Kridel, and can be especially useful for designers, install technicians and those who generally want to know more about cool stuff.
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Why Millennials Keep Dumping You: An Open Letter to Management
Millenials get a bad rap in the work force. I think it’s because we work differently, arguably better (in some instances), and are confusing for not fitting in a mold (sometimes). This article is so good at explaining some of the reasons why millennials get frustrated with management or their companies as a whole. I can say, with certainty, I’ve had each of these four exact thoughts at different jobs in my career. I want to get this open letter as a tattoo on my face*, it’s that good.
*it’s good, not good enough to tattoo it on your face.
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Tales from an AV Helpdesk
Is an AV Helpdesk the future of the industry? Not to be confused with the company AV Helpdesk, John Greene from Advanced AV talks about the importance of having an audiovisual help desk for his clients to call into. Sure, offering remote frontline support is important and a tremendous value for end-users choosing between somewhat similar design proposals in the bid process, but it can do so much more than that. Whether you are an integration firm or technology manager the importance of the audiovisual helpdesk can not be understated. Better yet, get convergence going a little bit sooner and have a joint helpdesk (if you’re a technology manager).
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