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REDBAND Radio Live at Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash

On October-*25th at 6 pm EST, REDBAND Radio, the-*risk takers, nonconformists and daring explorers of AVNation, are heading for our next adventure as we travel to lovely Red Bank, NJ to podcast live from the home of AMC network,Aeos ,AeuComic Book Men.,Aeu Joining us on the podcast will be special guests Michael Zapcic and Ming Chen, stars of the hit TV show. Known for our ability to take the show on the road and broadcast from places not typically seen by the general public this show will take a-*look outside the box and push the boundaries of traditional AV podcasting you expect from AVNation.
For those of you unfamiliar with the series,-*which airs Sunday nights on AMC starring Kevin Smith, Walt Flannigan, Michael Zapcic, Bryan Johnson and Ming Chen, the show takes place at Jay and Silent Bob,Aeos Secret Stash,-*a comic book shop located in Red Bank that is owned by filmmaker Kevin Smith.-*So the obvious question is where do comic books and technology intersect?
Looking back through the 20th century, how many people were introduced to advanced technological ideas through comics? People saw Batman and all the high tech-*toys that he used to fight crime and wanted their own utility belts. The labs of superheroes and super villains all seemed beyond imagination with their futuristic scientific equipment. Now we are living in the middle of a resurgence in comic book story telling as our favorite heroes are jumping off the page and onto the silver screen. We’ve all see the alien tech of the Tesseract and its capabilities. We’ve also all been witness to Jarvis being the disembodied aid to Tony Stark, monitoring, communicating with other devices, and generally managing systems at his request.
Technology has also pushed the envelope in regards to wearable devices, smart phones living in our pockets, and home automation, how far are we from all existing in these futuristic comics that introduced this kind of technology to our world? These stories were some of the literary content that predicted and introduced technology to us as kids. This conversation between experts in comics and experts in technology brings-*the chance to talk about how the two have influenced each other and what direction they each might be heading.
Follow @AVnationtv on twitter for updates and check out our Youtube Channel-*and the link for the live event on Sunday. You can also follow along with the broadcast with hashtag #REDBANDradio, in conjunction with the #AVtweeps hashtag on twitter.
Have a question for the panel? Feel free to-*send your questions to me-*via email at-*Chris@avnation.tv.

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