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3 Reasons Why the Future is Now

,AeuHello future,,Aeu was CEDIA,Aeos catch phrase for their 2015 trade show. I, along with other members of the AVNation crew in attendance, meandered the halls, took booth videos, and even broadcast AVWeek right from the show floor of CEDIA 2015 in Dallas, TX. After seeing all the residential technology at the show and having 10/21/2015 being ,AeuBack to the Future Day,,Aeu I got to thinking and here are 3 reasons why the future is now:
Cool Technology For Cheap
There are a handful of products that have recently surfaced and started to change the landscape of technology in the home for consumers. Nest thermostats came out in 2011. The product is really starting to explode in popularity. Nest began to partner with energy companies providing regular folks the chance to sign up for a multi-year contract and get a free learning thermostat.
Amazon EchoAnother easily affordable technology came in June this year from Amazon, called Echo. If you haven,Aeot seen the commercial, the Echo is a device that listens for your voice to give it a ,Aeuwake word,Aeu and then functions as a tool for gathering information/asking questions like ,AeuAlexa, tell me the news,,Aeu or ,AeuHow many teaspoons in a table spoon?,Aeu It can act as a music player and even control smart devices. Amazon Echo can even learn a person,Aeos habits over time. It will get used to the way a person talks, his/her routines and will save all the data in the cloud. For only $199 ($99 for Amazon Prime members) the Echo is a virtual personal assistant and a decent music player to boot!
Another infiltration of technology in homes is streaming services like Amazon Prime & Netflix. For about $9 a month you can stream movies, TV shows, and even original Netflix content. With thousands of titles, and over 36 million subscribers Netflix gives people hours of in-home entertainment.
Large High Resolution Displays
Having all that available content streaming to your TV for very little cost has changed habits. People not only want a bigger TV, surround sound, and even simple room control in their home, it just makes financial sense! Movie ticket sales are declining. With the prices of a ,Aeunight at the movies,Aeu for 4, you could go out for a flick once a month for a year, or buy a 60,Aeu UHD Smart TV at Best Buy for $1500 that will last you at least 3 ,Aei 5 years. Displays are getting bigger, cheaper, and prettier! Even commercial 4K prices have come down.
Millennials buying houses need tech
The 2014 Consumer Insights Survey by John Burns Consulting found that the millennial generation is huge, about 92 million. They are the largest generation of possible homebuyers ever seen. Their expectations regarding technology will revolutionize housing. As a millennial myself, I grew up with the internet and cell phones. Everything was at my fingertips. Millennials don,Aeot just want high-end technology at a low-end budget, they need it. Day in and day out, their cell phone is an extension of themselves. They use it for leisure reading, video watching, research, socializing, and working – why not control their TV, lights, and locks too?
The millennial demographic has become more than just an age group born between 1980 and 2000; ,AeuMillennial,Aeu is a mindset. A mindset that looks at the world and declares, ,AeuThere has to be a better way!,Aeu Millennials don,Aeot look at technology as a luxury. They expect to be able to use it in all aspects of their lives, including at home. Technology just makes everything faster, easier, more flexible, and efficient, and who doesn,Aeot want that?
The Future is Now
BTTFConsumer AV is no longer just for the elite, and only about high-end home theatres or whole home automation. There were so many examples at CEDIA of very advanced technology for the everyday home. Solutions were priced for reasonable budgets, and my husband and I even went around getting ideas for our house. Technology is everywhere, and to quote Doc Brown, ,AeuWhere we,Aeore going, we don,Aeot need roads,AexB6,Aeu

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