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The Friday Five: November 13, 2015

What does ‘perfect sound’ look like? Inside the bizarre science of concert hall design
Acoustics can be baffling. (See what I did there?) There’s a lot of “bizarre science” and a somewhat healthy amount of theory based design which goes into developing the layout of concert halls. There isn’t a set formula or equation that will deliver ‘perfect sound’ reliably. In fact, as the article notes, “the Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center in New York, which was designed to be the pinnacle of acoustics when it opened in 1962, has been gutted again and again in effort to try and find the right sound.” This is a fascinating article.
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Networked AV in Depth: AV on the WLAN
The entire third paragraph of this article hits the nail on the head. I won’t repeat it in full, but suffice it to say it advocates for better understanding of wireless networks. Previously on the Friday Five I shared a similar article about Quality of Service (QoS). These special reports from InfoComm can be very helpful for newer designers or designers with a less involved networking background as a way to improve skill sets and knowledge. If this article is the shot, here’s the chaser
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5 Types of Bad Bosses to Avoid
Job hunting? Thinking about job hunting? I promise, I won’t tell. When job hunting, it’s important to remember to evaluate your employer, including your direct boss, as much as they are evaluating you. Otherwise you could potentially leave a job you dislike and wind up with a new job you hate. Life’s cruel like that. Do yourself a favor – read through this article and keep it in the back of your mind the next time you interview for a position. In the long term, it will make your life infinitely better. Also, as a side note, maybe it’s not your manager, maybe it’s you.
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Unlocking Secrets: Industry Gurus’ Best Practices
My disdain for the term ‘guru’ notwithstanding, here’s a particularly insightful look into how industry leaders operate, what goes into their decision making and how they’ve been able to achieve their success. For someone like myself, which is to say a far cry from an industry leader, I love reading articles like this to help me move forward and grow as a person. Want your firm to become better respected for their designs? Want the quality of your work to improve? Want to become more sought after? Read through this article and glean what you can from some in the industry who are far better at their jobs than I am at mine.
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How to work 40 hours in 16.7: The simple technique that gave me my life back
Are you familiar with the Pomodoro Technique? Well, Today Money finally found out about it, it seems. Want to be more productive while working less? Are you in an environment where you’re able to block out distractions? If so this could be a real benefit for you. It focuses on short bursts of incredibly focused work, followed by a break. Here’s the kicker – minimizing distractions. Email? Phone Calls? Not on Pomodoro. Remember, email is a tool that helps you do your job; reading/responding to email isn’t your job.
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