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F**k Terrorists!

This is not going to be an audiovisual blog. Not about your integration firm, subcontracting, programming, or displays. This is about Paris. It is about Kenya. It is about Charleston, Baghdad, Beirut, Syria, and Egypt. This past Friday a group of terrorists carried out a coordinated attack on Paris – the City of Love, the City of Lights. A beautiful city with warm, welcoming people. There were calls for prayers, retribution, and peace. Several colleagues have changed their social media avatars to pictures draped in a French flag or various pictures of Paris. I have read several comments. One of my favorites, gave rise to the title of this blog, “Fuck Terrorists!”
However, the most poinient response came from someone I do not know. His name is Hamilton Nolan and he writes for Gawker. The piece is called “Terrorism Works.”-*I do not have the skill this writer has so I will not attempt to re-write what has been penned. The-*points of the article come down to one overarching theme that I believe with my very being: we are responsible for our own actions. We are responsible for how we act and respond.
I am a podcaster and blogger covering the audiovisual industry. I do more podcasting than blogging, so what I can do is put Hamilton’s words to audio so that is what I have done. Again, all credit and copyright go to Hamilton Nolan from Gawker. I did not write this, but I believe it. Take a listen if you will.
Terrorism Works – Hamilton Nolan, Gawker


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