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Lightcast 2: A Conversation with Avi Mor

We talk with Avi Mor, past president of Illuminating Engineering Society of North America and directing partner of Lightswitch.
Avi chats with Megan and JP about TM-30-15, getting more respect for the lighting designer and their role as the specifier, the importance of lighting control the news from around the industry.
Host: JP Bedell, Megan Mazzocco
Guest: Avi Mor, Lightswitch
RunTime: 1:03:30
Video: (*Technical issue during first 2 min, audio version available below)

Audio Only:
Avi’s Bio:
Heralded as a ,AeuFuture Leader,Aeu by the Illuminating Engineering Society (for which he is Past-President of the Chicago Section,) Avraham Mor lives up to his hype.
In just over ten years he has advanced from a University of Kansas BFA lighting design intern to directing partner of Lightswitch Architectural. With dual talents in architectural and theatrical lighting design, his work is defined by traditional techniques wed to cutting-edge technology.
Eco-conscious and on the forefront of the green movement, his adherence to environmental requirements as well as to the client,Aeos bottom line have earned him a superior reputation for creative and successful project management.
Avi’s emergence as a major player in the field of architectural lighting design and his frequent appearances as a speaker or panelist at international industry conferences, positions him more accurately as ,Aeu A Leader Now.,Aeu
** There is a technical issue with the first 2min of the show, if you prefer a cleaned up audio version – visit:

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