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The Friday Five: December 4, 2015

We’re nearing the end of the year, so I apologize for two weeks of absence as I was traveling for work as well as vacation.
Video Conferencing. You work it out. Is a failed strategy
Simon Dudley, the self-described “Chief Contrarian,” writes about the evolution of video calls, and unified communications and collaboration in the modern workplace. While video certainly isn’t the predominant factor in workplace communication, it’s certainly increasing in popularity and soon companies will move closer towards a full enterprise solution encompassing video, voice and collaboration (or chat). Dudley is certainly a name familiar to those with a history in the videoconferencing industry.
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Are Your Christmas Lights Screwing Up Your Wi-Fi?
I am begrudgingly going to join my significant other in decorating our domicile in festive Christmas cheer this weekend. Some of you sick-*fine people have had decorations up for some time now (another topic for another rant) and some didn’t bother removing them from last year (or previous years). A British regulatory agency is reminding citizens that indoor Christmas lights can affect the performance of Wi-Fi routers. Be sure to read the article and understand why it is I will be unplugging the lights when I’m ready to stream the latest episode of How to Get Away With Murder (don’t judge me).
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Hearables, Wristables and Eyewearables; What’s Next for mHealth Technology
I am not afraid to admit when I’m wrong (although I rarely am). I thought it would be a few more years until wearable technology becames useful, and secretly I still do, however it seems the future may be closer than I expected. Tech companies, especially healthcare-focused tech companies are seeing value in wearables beyond fitness trackers.
Just promise me I won’t have to wear Google Glass?
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What Does Success Look Like in 2019 for InfoComm?
During the fantastic InfoComm AV Executive Conference,-*InfoComm Executive Director, Dave Labuskes, focused on what success looks like in the year 2019 for InfoComm, and presumable for the industry as well. Some things seemed obvious – record profits, increased industry certifications, and the like. However, there are some things the industry and members of InfoComm will have to overcome, some of these challenges are new, and some the industry has been facing for several years. Take a peak at this article for the full outlook.
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The battle for Internet freedom isn’t over yet
It’s been a busy 12 months for the Federal Communications Committee (FCC) who put into effect a set of Net Neutrality rules in June which were designed to ensure ISPs treat all web traffic the same. Now it’s time for federal regulators to head back to court this week to defend those rules, the D.C. Appellate-*Court to be specific. Josh Srago has a great primer on what is going on and how it relates to our industry. There’s many sides to this – consumers not wanting to be throttled, ISPs not wanting slow networks because someone won’t stop netflixing How to Get Away With Murder (don’t judge me), and the AV industry which seeks to protect videoconferencing and other web traffic that currently isn’t under the umbrella of protection.
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Bonus Article:
AV Community Makes Big, Hairy Deal of Movember
Thanks to all the fine AV folks who participated in, and contributed to, The Movember Foundation for men’s health.

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