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The Friday Five: December 11, 2015

Can Cisco (of all companies) fix workplace video?
Cisco continues to make moves to become relavent in the videoconferencing space. With their recent acquisition of Acano they’ve signaled their desire to improve their UCC offerings. Videoconferencing is rapidly moving away from legacy hardware systems towards a more inclusive software-based approach. “We need to turn video into a global, simple-any-to-any communication capability much like the phone has been,” Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins said this past week. Yahoo Finance has more. Other hardware companies would be wise to adopt this approach, whether it’s fellow videoconferencing company Polycom (recently referred to as a Ship Without a Sail) or any other hardware based AV company – it’s time to move away from the box that does this and that and look towards offering services.
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InfoComm Announces Professional Development Program for Integrated Systems Europe 2016
In a press release this week, InfoComm International, the trade association representing the commercial audiovisual industry worldwide, announced they will be offering an extensive amount of training and classes aimed at professional development at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2016. ISE is held annually in Amsterdam and is an incredibly large show, pulling attendees from all over the globe to view the latest and greatest in audiovisual technology, and show-goers will be able to take advantage of a bevy of professional development classes. Take a look, if you’re attending, and decide which class, or classes, might be right for you.
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Forget Wearbles: Embedded Technology Gets Under Our Skin
AVNation’s own, George Tucker, offers a look at the next frontier of personal technology. From microchips to tattoos, embedded technology will become more and more prevalent. I’m not certain in what capacity it could manifest in our industry, just yet, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility. Read through this article, take a deep breath, and realize personal embedded technology might not be far off, or isolated to a futuristic science-fiction movie.
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AV Done Right
Victoria Ferrari, a name known to many in the audiovisual industry, wrote this post about how her company, Synergy CT (a Houston, TX-based integration firm) approaches audiovisual system design, taking into account-*several key factors. While it is a great post about how their company does things, it also offers exceptional insight for other companies to adopt. There are plenty of firms in our market which could stand to improve the way they approach system design to not only deliver a functional audiovisual system, but also a solution that delivers an exceptional customer experience as well.
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How Not to Behave At The Office Party
It’s that time of year, already. I know, it’s ridiculous. It seems like just yesterday that it was early June and I was planning for InfoComm. Company holiday parties are coming up, some have already happened, but it’s important to know no matter how much you want to just drink a lot and have a good time that probably isn’t the best idea for you or for your career. Keep it professional, keep it classy, and don’t be the one who gets hammered and gives everyone a ‘piece of your mind.’ There’s not much need, or upside to that.
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