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Paradigm Shift

I don,Aeot listen to voicemails. Okay, I listen to voicemails, but I really don,Aeot like listening to voicemails. I don,Aeot like listening to them and I don,Aeot like leaving them. Honestly, I don,Aeot even really like talking on the phone (unless I,Aeom in the car sitting in traffic).
The point is, it,Aeos not my preferred channel of communication.
It,Aeos 8:30 AM and I,Aeove already checked my email, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. I,Aeove received two Snapchats, a notification from Slack and a text from my mother (she erased her email on her phone again). I had an 8 AM video call via Cisco Jabber which resulted in an invitation to a Cisco Spark meeting (another platform that I didn,Aeot know existed). Looking at my calendar for the day I see a video conference via Skype (I,Aeom on a Mac so, yes, it,Aeos still Skype), followed by a call at 10 AM using Zoom. All this before I,Aeove had my leftover tacos for lunch.
I imagine if I told this to my grandmother she,Aeod think I was speaking in a foreign language. I can hear her saying in genuine disgust, ,AeuAll that techy stuff is taking over the world.,Aeu
It kind of is, but it,Aeos a good thing.
We in the communication business just have to recognize this paradigm shift and embrace it.
,AeuPut away your phones and pay attention.,Aeu How many times have you heard this? How many times have you said this? How many times have you sat through a lecture and when it ended you had no idea what was presented because you spent the entire time answering emails on your phone?
People are used to multitasking. This also means they are easily distracted and find social media and texting hard to resist. They are connected. They know everything about social media because they are living it ,Aei constantly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. People are tech-savvy; they are extremely team-oriented and enjoy collaborating. This isn,Aeot a fad. This is real life.
What if we harnessed all of these characteristics and used it our advantage? What if we created meetings, discussions and curriculums with this shift in mind? We incorporate our cell phones and tablets. We communicate over multiple digital platforms. We adapt to the new instead of trying to conform to the old. Screw death by PowerPoint. Let,Aeos promote engagement by interaction.
Think about it. How cool would that be?
We need to recognize that the digital era is the new norm ,Aei that people are communicating, learning and digesting information differently. If we,Aeore going to succeed, we need to embrace it because it,Aeos not going away.

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