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The Coolest Display You've Never Heard Of

St. Louis is not known for being a haven of technological advancements. We have the Arch, the Cardinals, and Budweiser. We can add to that list the first interactive, transparent display, tap.tl. You read that correctly, a see through touch screen television (ITD).
Founded in 2014, tap tl is a woman and veteran owned startup based out of St. Louis, Missouri. How it got here is a bit of a story in itself. CEO Mary Wolff was a practicing lawyer in Miami when she met CSO Jeremiah Patterson. Patterson told her he could, “turn any piece of glass into a display.” Interested, Wolff set out to join together with Patterson and the two started tap tl.
Ms. Wolff was looking for a way to come back to her hometown of St. Louis when she connected with the woman-centric incubator Prosper Women Entrepreneurs. Prosper is an accelerator setup to help women-owned startups grow and thrive. Wolff began working out of the Prosper offices and then applied, and won, an Arch Grant.
The Arch Grant is designed to help entrepreneurs to-*locate-*and develop their startups in St. Louis. The criteria to receive a grant is that the business must be located in St. Louis for at least one year. The awardees receive $50,000 non-equity cash. The city is not looking to invest in these businesses in hopes of a direct financial return. They simply want the businesses here in hopes that they will find St. Louis a good place to work and develop. Wolff said most startups stay after the first year.
The product itself is a see through touch screen display. You can see all the videos of various prototypes on their website. Sizes range from 32 inches up to 110 inches. Now, this is not a typical box store unit. It’s transparent. It’s a touchscreen. It’s incredible. The price is commiserate with that. A one-off will start around $8,000 list price. That number is important. According to Wolff the more you purchase the lower the price.
They have just begun manufacturing in Arizona. Some of their first customers include Lockheed Martin, Nike, and Tokyo University. So, this is not some form of “vapor-wear.” It really does exist. The company has yet to exhibit at any trade shows to date. However, in talking with Ms. Wolff they are keen on getting out into the marketplace and show integrators of all that the tap tl display is capable.
That’s the other thing, they don’t have a desire to sell direct. They don’t have the infrastructure in place to design, manufacture, sell, and install these units. That’s why they need integrators like you.
If you are interested, send Mary Wolff an email. She’s incredibly responsive. (As a side note, Mary will be a guest on my new one-on-one series in 2016.) I’m incredibly impressed with this product and excited to see it on the trade show floors and in an installation soon.
Again, for more information on this really cool product, check out their website.
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Have a great week.

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