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The Friday Five: January 15, 2016

Welcome all, to the first Friday Five of 2016. I hope that your new year is off to a swimming start. It’s been a while since I’ve written the last Friday Five, so bear with me while I catch up on a lot of information.
CES 2016
AVNation’s own, David Danto attend CES 2016, the trade show for consumer electronics, the first week of January in ‘not-as-cold-as-the-rest-of-the-world Las Vegas, NV.’ Danto, an industry veteran, offered his appraisal of CES for his AV Nation show Connected as well in written form for his own website. The consumer electronics market drives the professional AV Market, for better or worse, so CES is something every Audiovisual Professional should keep their eye on. Despite the hype, the New York Times says its better to wait on 4K, from a consumer standpoint I’d tend to agree. Forbes also had a great piece about ‘The 6 Things CES Taught Us About the Internet of Things’ Although lurking beneath the IoT is a host of security fears Heather Sidorowicz, another good friend of the program, offered her take on CES 2016, with the 8 technologies people actually need, most of which I’d tend to agree with.
Bronx Science Bans Cellphones From Wi-Fi as Students Devour It.
Kids these days and their internets. In all seriousness though, mobile data consumption accounts for a huge impact on corporate and especially education networks. When I was last in higher-ed we had approximately 3500 students and over 10,000 connected devices on our network, or roughly 3 devices per student. Bronx Science is no different.
Read More at New York Times
FTC Proposes Legislation Against Hidden Resort Fees
Resort fees are especially annoying. I hate them. It’s a real burden when you travel often, and when you travel to resort-area destinations (phoenix, las vegas etc). One of the things that are rolled into resort fees are internet. All hotels charge for internet, but being deceptive about it is frustrating. Thankfully, the FTC is attempting to put a stop to it by proposing legislation. Eager business travelers look on with anticipation.
Read More at Meetings-Conventions.com
Well, that’s more than five articles. Hope you enjoyed the first week back from the Friday Five.

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