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The Friday Five: February 19, 2016

Wow! Sorry for missing The Friday Five for the last couple of weeks, I’ll try to do better and hopefully my schedule will accommodate more writing time.
ISE 2016!
Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) saw over 65,000 participants this year, a 10.7% increase from last year. Familiar names in both residential and commercial audiovisual manufacturing showcased some impressive technology last week in Amsterdam. The AVNation crew was on-site for the second straight year with thorough and thoughtful coverage, extending beyond the “tell us about your company” line we’re all-to-familiar with reading in AV journalism. Take a moment to read through AVNation’s coverage.
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Diversified Acquires Technical Innovation
Technical Innovations, an Atlanta, GA-based integration firm with multiple offices throughout the southeast, was acquired by Diversified of Kenilworth, NJ last week. The expanded company will now have over 800 employees located in 22 offices throughout the United States. Diversified registered third place in SCN Magazine’s 2015 Top 50 Systems Integrators behind only AVI-SPL and Whitlock. Whitlock was the last large integration firm to acquire another large integration firm when they absorbed Xerox Audiovisual (another Atlanta-based integration firm) in July of 2014.
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Surfing the AV-Over-IP Wave
Sorry to be harsh, you’d be a fool not to see the future of video relies heavily on the network. Certainly not all video signals for all applications will move to the network, but a vast majority will. Manufacturers are looking at wireless audio and video bridging, an ever-growing section of the industry is dedicated to building IP encoders and decoders to move video rapidly over the network with minimal latency and TriCaster has their NDI, which they bill as “Live IP Production Workflow.” Steve Harvey has a great piece about navigating the unfamiliar terrain, or riding the wave of IP Video.
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Management Two-Fer
One of the hardest things in business is firing someone. There are the people that love it and use it flippantly and others that detest it so much they can’t bring themselves to make healthy decisions for the good of their company. Don’t be like either. Firing someone is always the last resort and can be just as much the manager’s fault as the employee’s fault. Harvard Business Review (HBR) had a good post about “The Right Way to Fire Someone.” Step one, don’t drag your feet.
Now, if you’ve recently had to fire someone you’ll be needing to replace them and not just with anyone, but with the right person. There’s been a number of studies conducted about how much hiring the wrong person can hurt a company, especially if they leave early for not being a good fit, or not making past a probationary period (if one exists at your company). Quartz has a feature, “We got 10 CEOs to tell us their one killer interview question” and most of them are really good. Some I’ve heard before, some I had not; great items to think on if you’re in a hiring/interviewing mode or if you’re looking for a new job.
Microsoft Scales Back on Giant Booths, Opting for Subtle Approach at AV Industry Shows
I’m not certain what Microsoft is doing: managing expectations for a potentially slow release, realizing they may not warrant a tremendous amount of space as an industry leader or letting their integration partners take the lead on their upcoming Surface Hub launch. Either way, Microsoft won’t have a mammoth booth at InfoComm, just as they didn’t at ISE. Instead, Microsoft has elected to let their integration partners showcase the Surface Hub alongside their value adds at trade shows. This will be great in a sense for the integrators as the few launch partners with booths will be fighting for a huge number of show attendees. Customers will be anxious to see the product this summer after reading reports from ISE that it appears the platform is a bit more stable. We’ll get a good look at it in Las Vegas this June. Unfortunately, there will be no large empty booth to recharge our phones and our bodies like two years ago.
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