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Exhibiting at ISE was Right

By: Patrick Murray, Controlhaus
From Tokyo, Japan to County Cork, Ireland and everywhere in between: Australia, Taiwan, Mumbai, Pakistan, Kuwait, Israel, Turkey, South Africa, Canada, the US, Brazil, Argentina and of course all over Europe from Scandanavia to Greece. I spoke with hundreds of people at Integrated System Europe – integrators, manufacturers, consultants and tech managers from all of these places and more.
For a small company, exhibiting at a trade show is a huge decision. The costs add up quickly. The alternatives start to look incredibly cheap. Do you know how many Google AdWords impressions a few thousand euros, dollars or yen will buy?
After talking to just a few attendees, though, it all became very clear – these are my people. The way business is done from one country to another can be very different but in the end we all face the same issues. We all need to get a signal from here to there. We all need an easy way to control everything. We all know how hard it can be and we all wish it could be easier. We all need to make a living.
The mere fact that they traveled so far to go to an AV show is an instant qualifier. Even the 10% of people I spoke with that were not interested in my product still understood it.
That is the ultimate value of exhibiting: being able to show your stuff live, in real time to real people. Seeing their face light up at something they did not expect. Or noticing that slight frown when they think something can be better but are too polite to say it.
I can’t wait to follow up with everyone and continue this great ride on which AV GUI is taking me.
ISE 2017? See you there.
Patrick Murray has worked in the Audiovisual industry for over 20 years. In 2005 he founded Controlhaus, a technology services provider that specializes in iOS, Crestron and AMX software development. Controlhaus’s newest product, AV GUI, turns your iPad into a powerful remote control and automation processor without any special programming. For more information, see avgui.com.

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