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AVNation Joins the EFA

One of the things that makes AVNation a unique media group is that we are 100% funded through underwriters and donors. There is zero advertising on our site. By operating in this way we are free to cover the industry without fear that our advertisers won’t approve of the content that we are publishing. This isn’t to say that the advertising model is bad, but we’ve all heard horror stories from the world about individuals being silenced because someone didn’t like the message being broadcast.
AVNation is far from alone in supporting the idea of an individual’s right to free expression. In fact, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), an organization founded on the principals of defending the digital rights of people all over the world, recently launched a new program for organizations to help expand the community of groups standing for digital rights called the Electronic Frontier Alliance (EFA), and AVNation is throwing its application in to join as a member of this alliance.
What does this mean for our readers and our community? That we will continue as we have since our inception. The idea of free expression is only the start of the AVNation philosophy. We add bloggers and invite individuals from all over the industry to express themselves on our site with their concerns and our digital door remains open to anyone that wishes to express opinions to our community.
Beyond free expression, the EFA principles include security in technology, privacy, creativity, and promoting access to knowledge.
AVNation is made of members of the technology community. As such, we share the concerns of the technology sector: security of the technology we implement and privacy of the information that passes through our systems. Keeping our customer’s data secure and ensuring that we fight for our industry to be a part of holding our manufacturers accountable for providing that security and privacy is a more recent conversation just beginning to make it into regular conversation for AV professionals, but it is something that we must urge and fight for as a community. The more secure our solutions are, the better privacy we can ensure for our clients, customers, and users.
It’s well documented that Josh Srago, our Editor-in-Chief, is one of the loudest and most prolific voices in the AV industry when it comes to policy issues and the effects that they have on the AV industry. In fact, he’ll be teaching a two-hour seminar course on the subject at InfoComm 2016 where topics will include the importance of privacy as it applies to security and technology, net neutrality and the transportation of data, as well as copyright as it applies to some of our creative industry aspects like control panel layout.
Performing as we have for the last five years, AVNation was founded on the idea that providing access to knowledge was fundamental to the betterment of the industry. This, in turn, has led to creative endeavors in webcasting, podcasting, and blogging where industry voices openly discuss and expand upon the ideas of others, allowing concepts expand, develop and bring more people together.
These principles are vital for the continued development of technology and we uphold these principles by fighting for transparency in freedom in culture, code, and law. You may not hear or see it covered by each individual member of the AVNation team, but we are certainly doing all we can to be a part of the fight for your digital rights.

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  1. As a long time supporter of the EFF, Copyleft and Creative Commons, this announcement pleases me to no end. AV Nation has reach and an audience that should embrace these principles. Thank you for the effort!

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