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Hades 16

From up here, it almost looks inviting.
The glimmering lights, wide avenues and awkward fitting architecture, but make no mistake – Into hades we are descending. 117 degrees a last report, and climbing.
In spite of, or perhaps because there is but a single Tito’s and bloody on my tray table – I am Startled to hear the pilot declare, ala’ Arthur Brown – “I am the god of Hell fire” … before announcing our decent.  He pushes the stick forward and begins our roller coaster ride.
Screaming Jay, seated a few aisles down, can be heard chuckling to himself.
This is how at 37,000 ft, crammed into seat 16C one notices with dismay AV error on the in -flight film’s late 70’s scene. The announcer is using an early aught mic, a Sennheiser e series to be precise. Worse, it’s missing its cable. My knee bounces with a fury, all the energy of a wailing accusatory scream channeled.
To utter such a caterwaul in this tin can would surely find myself hog tied and swinging from a ceiling point faster than a flight attendant can close that first class screen.  I would have plenty of time to ponder, ‘Just where the hell did that air marshal come from?
Damn Eagle Scouts, they are all eagle scouts these air marshals.  Tea tootlers with a perverse knowledge of knots and how to fire a round without blowing a hole in the pressurized cabin.  It would be a thing of beauty to behold, were it not me dangling, metaphorically as a result.
And, there it is. That plucked bow string rippling through the desert air, in the symmetry and odd tuning that off note.  An echo nesting itself into the lower medulla oblongata.
It is more than just the heat, dry as it is, shimmering up mirages. The city of Lost Wages welcomes us with its frenetic energy – promises in one hand and a slight-of-hand act in the other.
See, big things are coming, they have to be, the stress on the tectonic plates is just too intense. Things have to shift or slide else there’s bound to be a rupture.
In just a few short clicks we all get the chance to be a soothsayer, prophets on the mount. Many miles lay ahead.

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