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Pan Dimensional or Bust

There was a time when we lived in just one universe. There was a center; it obeyed the rules of earthly mechanics and had but one overseer.
The movements of the planets, stars, the seasons and our place in it was comfortable and fit within our collective expectations. Then there was Galileo and his telescope and Mars occasionally going in reverse and back again.
Scientists developed new models to explain the makeup and movements of the parts beyond the atmosphere and within atoms.  As a result, the universe became infinite with strong mathematical evidence that we exist in a twelve dimensional space.
The same process is happening in the audiovisual world.  The strains of providing profits in a market where margins are often limited, AV manufacturers look to keep the entire ecosystem as theirs. Tiny independent universes free to keep orderly functions.
The benefits are tempting – streamlined support as the equipment revolving around the central controller are designed to be known entities, following predetermined and regulated interactions.
We all, subconsciously or overtly, are looking toward the success of Apple and its immense market share – some of it at our industry expense.  Yet this flies in the face of the macro trend toward greater interconnectivity and global management.
With physicists there is still debate on how most of the universe works and how the theoretical twelve dimensions interact. Dark Matter, thought to make up about 80% of the observable universe is being intensely examined.
Innovation has bloomed under our new multi-dimensional mini systems but if we are to sell a truly connected world we must begin to bring them together.  The dark matter of IoT (nano universes within micro universes) may prove to be the glue.

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