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What makes a programming platform successful?  
It has to work, of course, and it must do something that people need and want.  What is it that differentiates suites when the market offers a multitude?  
You have to want to use it.
Programming, as opposed to the visual oriented interface and touch panel tools, requires a simple interface. Too much clutter and things go awry from the get-go, unfortunately most developers have defaulted to the austere school of minimalism.

Despite arguments to the contrary, aesthetics of a tool matter. Think of your favorite, go-to, tool you use when fixing something. Beyond being the proper tool for the job it have to fit right in your hand and look like it should be used – that favorite hammer, screwdriver, or chef’s knife.

My wife had a long desire to learn the banjo, she looked at a good number of off the shelf models and started to save up. In my mind if you are to learn such an instrument in adulthood you want to have one that beckons you; pulls you into practice . I was able to find a gorgeous Gretsch Senorita banjo with mother of pearls inlay and bronze turtle finish.  It is with some chagrin that she gives longing looks to it more often than to me.
Aesthetics matter – a lot.
I found some hope in the fact that several companies at InfoComm 2016 have found this to be true as well.
Crestron’s AVia DSP system software is a sight to behold. This software is not only well thought out in function, (inline mixer metaphor, and export tool for interfaces) it just looks gorgeous.  You want to play with this thing long into the night. They may just cause many a tech to spend uncounted hours in-house exploring its features.
The control company Alcorn McBride has recently released an update to its venerable stark programming platform. Six months ago they released a version which shares visual themes similar to Adobe Premiere. Not only is it easier on the eyes and has well organized tools, it is a flirty little number.
Now, go and program pretty.

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