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Going Home

This week was a week that had me returning to an old home. The college station where I learned the art of interviewing, audio production, and teamwork held a reunion for anyone who had gone through the program. We were also invited to host a show on the airwaves. It was the first time in 10 years I had been on a radio station’s air and it was exhilarating.
I graduated from Lewis & Clark College’s radio broadcasting program in 1999. My work at KMOX had already begun and I moved into a position of producer for the top-rated morning show in St. Louis. Not bad for a dumb kid from a community college. In the spring of 2000 I began an era that would change my life completely when I started to teach.
Returning to my alma mater to teach the next generation of radio students the finer points of audio production, copywriting, and producing was great fun. It allowed me to keep in touch with the ideas and enthusiasm of those young people coming up through the ranks to become future broadcast professionals. For 14 years I shared what I knew, and what I was still learning, back into those that would one day take over an industry I loved. Students that I taught have far surpassed my own broadcast professional achievements as they are now on-air talent in cities across the country. That is an awesome thing.
WLCAI’ve been able to keep in touch with some of my old students, some of whom have called me mentor, professor, and other names I certainly don’t feel like I deserve. That connection has been an ongoing reminder of the importance of teaching others through your knowledge and experience. We are not going to live forever and the knowledge and experience we hold inside does no one any good if it isn’t passed along. It is only in making ourselves vulnerable and showing what we know, and don’t know, that we are able to ensure that our industry survives the baton passing to the next generation. Don’t give in to the temptation of believing you have to hold on to what you have learned in order to keep your standing. Pass it on.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Have a great week.

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Tim Albright is the founder of AVNation and is the driving force behind the AVNation network. He carries the InfoComm CTS, a B.S. from Greenville College and is pursuing an M.S. in Mass Communications from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. When not steering the AVNation ship, Tim has spent his career designing systems for churches both large and small, Fortune 500 companies, and education facilities.

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