Media and the AV Industry

Earlier this month AVNation’s Chris Neto and I sat down with Commercial Integrator’s Tom LeBlanc and Craig MacCormack for a short video. The concept of the chat was not about audio, video, or control. It was to talk about where media sits in the ever changing world of AV. If you have a few minutes you can check it out here.

It was a great time to sit down with colleagues in the industry and speak about something I’m incredibly passionate about; content. As much as AVNation is a consortium of disparate audio visual professionals we are also content creators. We make podcasts, videos, blogs, and more for the AV community. Like any other media platform, we succeed when we connect with an audience.

Something I said in the video and I have said before though bares expanding on. We won’t connect with everyone. And that’s alright. AVNation’s philosophy is driven by my background in broadcast news. My formative years in broadcast media came within the walls of KMOX radio in St. Louis. I was in the producer’s chair on 9/11 working with great news men and women in our industry. The drive to get the story right and fair has been in my professional DNA since then.

We call AVNation the agnostic and authentic voice of the AV industry. We do this for two main reasons. The first is our people. Everyone that runs AVNation is in the audio visual industry. Every person you see hosting a show or conducting a booth interview is in some chain of bringing an exceptional experience to the end-user. The other reason is we try really hard to not be influenced in the stories we cover and the facts we bring you. This is sometimes hard, expecially when trying to sell our underwriting packages. We think it’s worth it.

No, we won’t connect with everyone within this industry. That’s actually a good thing. There are a number of great content creators out there; from other podcasters to magazines. They deserve your time and attention. At least once to see if they are a source you can count on. So, tell your friends and colleagues about us to see if we are a media they will like, but also listen and read those suggestions from your fellow AV professionals.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Have a great week.

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