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#AVTweeps Who Hashtag Together Play Together

For the AV Crowd

#Hashtags, when released into the social media wild, can take on a life of their own. They can solidify online communities and generate interest in people, products, and events. For AV folks—or #AVTweeps as we are known online—there are a few hashtags that keep the conversations going. Johnny Mota (@JMOTA3) crafted the #AVTweeps hashtag during a discussion with George Tucker (@TuckerTues) regarding the need for a place where AV “peeps” could get together online. Mota’s claim to fame is being #DoubleAwesome, as well as a known blogger and consultant in the industry. His #AVTweeps hashtag stuck and it came at a great time (in 2009), when Twitter was still young and the hashtag was in its formative years.
That Twitter hashtag helped form AVNationTV when Tim Albright (@tdalbright) used it to invite other AV professionals to use Google Hangouts, which planted the seeds for the podcasts we have today. Since the hashtag is in AVNation’s DNA, it continues to aid in getting its message out. Mota and many industry peers have worked hard to promote, inspire, and motivate members of the AV community to join and contribute.

https://twitter.com/avisystems/status/769216291475423232 https://twitter.com/jmota3

Business or Pleasure

Continuing in that tradition, Chris Neto (@chris_neto) took the hashtag love and created #AVHashtag so #AVTweeps could play an AV work-themed game that amounts to interpreting the week’s anonymously submitted hashtag. The hashtag promotes inclusion and engagement, and it’s a lot of fun.

AVHashtag Game – AV Industry Motto (#AVIndustryMotto)
draperavmotto sragoindustrymotto
https://twitter.com/DraperAV/status/768810276674240512 https://twitter.com/JSrago/status/768840088956436480


AVHashtag Game – AV Superpower (#AVsuperpower) AVHashtag Game – My AVDay (#MyAVday)
superpower georgefournierjr
https://twitter.com/chief_JoelH/status/771717514682183681 https://twitter.com/GeorgeVFournier/status/629526119667134464

Hashtagging isn’t all fun and games, of course. It can be used for free marketing and networking. Hashtags are used to promote live events and encourage like-minded professionals to meet and interact. Some other popular AV hashtags are: #AVSelfie (with a selfie video coming out every InfoComm and found at avselfie.com) and #roadtoinfocomm (used by AVNation to generate interest for the show a few months prior).


Tips and Tricks

When used properly, hashtags make social networking easier and more effective. There a few guidelines to keep in mind though.

5 Rules of AV Hashtags

  • The first rule of AV hashtags is definitely talk about AV hashtags.
  • Don’t be afraid to jump in and experiment. Social media savvy is earned through trial and error.
  • Feel free to use the hashtags as frequently as every few hours—maybe even once an hour on heavy days.
  • Don’t limit yourself to just one hashtag—try out a few from both Twitter and Instagram. But don’t use too many on one post or tweet.
  • Have fun.

Regardless of your industry, there are some inherent risks to using and creating hashtags. Look up a hashtag before you use it to make sure the community at large is not using it in some other way. If creating a hashtag, read it carefully to make sure there aren’t other possible meanings and show it to some other people just to be sure. No one person owns a hashtag. Once the hashtag is created, it becomes a gift to the community and takes on a life of its own.
Most individuals and companies are on social media because they want to engage and be engaged. Don’t be afraid to tag other accounts with questions or comments. One final piece of advice is to follow AVNation at @AVNationTV, and feel free to tag us there to get our attention.

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