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Key Considerations for Streaming 4K Content

4K is more than just seeing every pore on your news anchor’s face. 4K offers clean and crisp content. The ability to create, record, display, and stream 4K content has been a mainstream format for over 2 years. Yet many companies have not made the jump to include 4K as part of their digital media content. Why is that? We’ll examine the benefits of 4K content and why you should consider upgrading to 4K.

Benefits of 4K Content

Implementing any new technology is exciting, and you may be tempted to implement it in your current workflow. Before you grab your hammer to open your piggy bank, build your case as to why you want to upgrade to 4K. Simply put, 4K content looks great. Just like 720p and 1080p looked great compared to your old tube TV, 4K content looks crisper and cleaner.

Remember your excitement when you first viewed 4K digital signage content, catching your immediate attention? Now think about your clients and business partners having that same experience when you implement 4K content in your environment.

Installing 4K displays means you can broadcast your content in 4K and that gives  your work environment the “wow” factor. So how do achieve that?

4K Content Options

There are many 4K digital signage players on the market that support 4K—you just add the content! While it has taken the market years to develop 4K content, it is available now for your use. The broadcast networks are working toward making 4K content more available. So once your local news is broadcast in 4K, you can include that in your digital signage feed. Who doesn’t want to see the weather in 4K?

If you want to include 4K content in your conference room and you have a newer computer, it can likely handle 4K resolutions, making it another source for you to stream 4K content. 4K Blu-ray players are available as well. If you want a bigger image, you can upgrade from a flat panel display to a 4K projector, allowing everyone in the conference room to clearly view the 4K content.

Creating 4K Content

If you decide to create your own 4K content, it’s a good option if you have the budget and resources to do it. Let’s say you want to create your own content to stream on the digital signage displays throughout the building – capture your content via a 4K camera, edit the content, and stream it on your 4K displays throughout the building.

The Size of Your Display Matters

Just like the content you are currently showing in your conference rooms, lobbies, cafeterias, etc., the size of your display matters. Some 4K possibilities include creating an exciting and vibrant 4K video wall in your lobby or cafeteria or upgrading your hallway displays and signage players to provide 4K content. You can even enhance your executive meetings with crisp 4K content. The top consideration is whether your audience can comfortably view and read the content.

Next Steps

Want to know what the AVNation team thinks about 4K streaming? Listen to AVWeek Episode 255 to learn about the new WiFi Alliance certification that promotes 4K streaming. The team discusses their ideas about the best displays for AV applications in this episode.

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