CEDIA 2016 Wrap

Another CEDIA is in the books. There were plenty of announcements and showings to fill several articles, and that’s what we will do. Over the course of the next week we will release all the videos and interviews we have done. In addition, we will have articles highlighting what our team found the most interesting and useful. Here’s mine.


Even before the show began we started to see the channel working together with the Sonos announcement that they were working with Crestron, Lutron, Control4, and more. That trend continued when Control4, Crestron, and others announced their Amazon Echo integration. I will lay out a separate article on that. Both Crestron and Control4 have some serious integration that will help voice control go to the next level in residential. Then you have the team at Josh.ai. This is an overarching voice control system that will work with several control systems or on its own.

This indicates an understanding of the benefits of working together. The client benefits and the companies get to shine and do what they do best, ideally. It also illustrates a maturing of the residential AV market. One thing that IT has been doing for years is working well together. There are standards for handling traffic, wireless, security, and various types of traffic. The same thing is happening in the residential audio visual market.

Audio Lovers

It may be that last year was the year of Dolby Atmos but this was the year that everyone had something. The high end audio rooms were populated with a variety of Atmos systems and streaming devices. One that was of note was the Riva Audio wireless speakers. Imagine being in a hotel conference room. The room is filled with a warm, encompassing sound. There are four of these wireless speakers at the front and you cannot discern which one is the one playing. These things are powerful, wireless, and not too expensive. Starting at $250, they can connect over the wireless network, become their own WAP, Blue Tooth, or play off a USB device.

Z-Wave Alliance

During our interview with Mitch Klein of the Z-Wave Alliance he laid out an interesting concept of “do it with me.” He says we have the DIYers, the Do it for me people, and this emerging market of do it with me. This is where your residential client may research and even purchase product. You are then there to help them through the process of integration. You can charge them yearly, or ad hoc, for access to your experience. It help you also become a trusted advisor.

Another CEDIA and I’m already looking forward to next year, and the next show which for us is ISE. It was a great three days and the people you meet and the stories you hear are pretty amazing. If you have never attended a CEDIA next year you might want to plan for. It is in San Diego, so good weather and great technology.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Have a great week.

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