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3rd Annual AVNation 31 in 31

It’s incredible to think that October has already arrived, and with it comes one of the best times of the year for the AV industry – AV Month. This is the time we celebrate our industry, we advance our outreach efforts to talk about what we do and how we do it, and we attempt to bring more people into our ranks.
Today is October 1st and that means it’s also the start of AVNation’s 31 in 31. For the third year in a row our goal is to broadcast a minimum of thirty-one posts (blogs, videos, and more) in thirty-one days. Our first year was an interesting one as the idea for this celebration didn’t occur until October 2nd, but somehow we managed to pull it off thanks to a great deal of effort from the AVNation team.
Last year we grew a little more and started getting some contributions from beyond our own ranks to tell their story of why they love the AV industry and why others would encourage people to be a part of it. However, this year has been an astounding one with the number of industry professionals reaching out saying they want to contribute and share a story or join the efforts to broadcast what this industry means to them.
If you read the blogs, watch the videos, or listen to the podcasts then you certainly know that AVNation is largely a team of working professionals and volunteers that strive to provide insight and information to the industry. At the same time, though, we are all right there in the trenches dealing with the same things that the rest of the professionals in AV must go through on a daily basis; executing astounding projects, developing innovative products, and aiding clients to in their daily activities.
While each member of the AVNation team often shares our stories, we know that we are hardly alone in what we’ve experienced. That’s what makes this year’s 31 in 31 an extremely special one for us as this is going to be the first with so many new AV professionals asking for the opportunity to contribute and share their own stories. This is the chance to bring new voices to the forefront and hear from people that don’t necessarily get published in magazines or broadcast their thoughts and opinions on a podcast.
Everyone in AV has a story of how they got where they are, the moment they knew this was the industry for them, and why there’s nothing quite like working in AV. Sharing these personal expressions is what AV Month is all about and we at AVNation cannot wait to bring you more than just the news and trends in the industry, but the personal touch that makes this community what it is and one that is ready to welcome so many more.
I hope you enjoy what’s coming over the next few weeks, and if you’d like to share your story with the community there is still time. Just reach out to me at josh@avnation.tv and let’s talk about how you can share your AV story.

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