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3 Ways to be SUPER in AV Month!

By: Da-Lite Man
Hey everyone! I couldn’t be more excited about #AVmonth, I mean, without AV what would I do?  (I’m sure I’d still wear blue spandex, but that’s an issue my therapist and I are working on together.)
Given that I’m always looking for ways that we can flex our collective AV muscle, I thought I’d chime in with 3 Ways to be SUPER this AV Month!
dlm1AV Super Tip #1- Go big or go home.
Have you ever heard of a Superhero who wasn’t larger than life?  Of course not!  In AV, size really matters.  If you want to get someone’s attention, immersing them in an AV world that engages their peripheral vison and makes their Spidey Sense tingle is a surefire way to be remembered.  If you’re presenting content for a meeting, a training session, or a marketing event, your message needs to stand out.  If no one can read the text, they won’t respond to your call to action.
Before I met him, the “S” on Superman’s chest was in 4-point font and no one could remember his name.  Look at him now! ‘Nuff said.
AV Super Tip #2- Get out of your box.
Take a good look at the other AV worlds around you, assess where your superpowers may be best put to new use, and then pick up your tools and get in the fight.  Look at your strengths, explore a dlm2new vertical that plays to those strengths, and focus on getting a job in that world to see how you fare.  You may find that the powers you bring from your current AV world make you nearly invincible compared to the mere mortals doing the work in the new vertical you choose.
When I met Thor he never wanted to leave the realm of Asgard.  I asked him if he wanted to fight with Loki the rest of his life and convinced him to head to Earth for a bit. Thank goodness he grabbed his hammer and headed our way or we’d all be chanting, “Hail Ultron.”
AV Super Tip #3- Be Super! 
This one may seem pretty vague, but I can guarantee you that your competition is not always “being super.”  Although there are advantages to wearing an indestructible, blue super-suit, (spandex is an insulator against low voltage shock, it helps you slide through plenum spaces above grid easier for retrofits, and it keeps you in shape to avoid body shaming by fellow #avtweeps) you don’t have to wear one to be super.  Being super may mean offering a better solution, giving better support, or just finishing the last 5% of your jobs.
dlm3I want you to be super and put the “AV” in AVengers.
So that’s it!  Three ways to be super for #AVMonth.  If you see me around say, “Hi.”  I probably won’t speak back, but I’ll nod my head at you in reply (secret identity and all).
About the Author:
Da-Lite Man is an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in blue spandex.  The legend of Da-Lite Man goes back to 1909, when a charming and strikingly handsome assistant to Adele DeBerri fell off a ladder while painting a Nickelodeon theater screen and landed in her vat of revolutionary silver screen paint.  The highly reflective nature of his new skin made him nearly impossible to look at directly, so he started wearing a Da-Lite blue, spandex suit constantly, as opposed to just on the weekends before the accident, and a hero was born. 
Who is Da-Lite Man?  No one knows for sure, but if you need to harness the superpowers of a #dalitehero near you, click on this link to find one!

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