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‘Tis Better to Share Than to Receive

This is the season that Johnny Carson reminded us, “Mail your packages early so the post office can lose them in time for Christmas.”
Of course, we have nothing against the post office. We just have some ideas about holiday sharing and what you can do for your customers that won’t get lost in the mail and that will last longer than a coupon. As marketers in the audio visual industry, you know how important it is to track, measure, and analyze. However, just like you can make the occasional exception for counting pie or egg nog calories during the holidays, now is a good time to share some content that you don’t have to track.
In the spirit of giving, here are some ways you can share with your customers without expecting anything in return.
Kinds of Content
‘Tis better to give than to receive. Even if you’re sharing because you don’t expect anything in return, it’s still ok to want to build and strengthen relationships. Here are some ideas of what you can share during the holidays to be a better company, partner, and community member.

  • Share content—no strings attached. This could be an original piece of work, like a how-to guide or series of videos.
  • Repost others’ content. Your holiday gesture can also include sharing offers by partners or businesses related to yours.
  • Publicize a partner’s events, a community event, or a charity event.
  • Ask about your followers’ holiday tips and traditions. Most people enjoy reading these and finding new ideas.
  • Hold a giveaway.
  • Sponsor a fundraiser.
  • Spread cheer. A lot of people get down during the holidays. Sometimes a little humor will brighten someone’s day.
  • Get real. Share video of your employees in the office or at the company party. Show off who you really are.

The Results
You can let your company’s personality shine through in your content and on social media without neglecting business. Offer your usual sales and discounts, but placing an emphasis on goodwill will make your customers, partners, and employees feel good. Sometimes that’s a good enough return on investment.
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