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Light Me Up! Lighting That Makes You Feel Better

Bio-Adaptive Lighting
Have you ever woken up in the dark and turned on a light so you wouldn’t trip, only to be blinded by the intense light bombarding your eyes? Bio-adaptive lighting can change that experience for you. Bio-adaptive lighting adapts the color temperature of lighting to match the mood or desired light level.
This type of lighting is great to match with your biological clock. Your biological clock influences your body’s circadian rhythms, with light being one of the main influencers. Higher wavelength light can be used to depict sunlight. Lower wavelength light can be used at bedtime to help your body adjust to getting ready to sleep.
Lighting and Mood

Automated dimming of the lights based on the time of day will cause your lighting to be less bright at 2 a.m. than at 7 p.m. Matching your home or work lighting to how you live can make you happier. Restaurants use lighting to positively affect the mood of their customers. While you enjoy your meal, the lighting around you can subtly change, making the experience more enjoyable.
Bio-adaptive lighting can also help people who are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Many people suffer from SAD in the winter months when there is less natural sunlight. With Bio-adaptive lighting, you can mimic the light of the sun to help combat depression. Currently, bio-adaptive lighting is not widely distributed, but it is expected to increase in availability and demand over the next 3 to 5 years.
The Results
Bio-adaptive lighting can help you to take advantage of your body’s best times during the day of alertness, coordination, reaction time, etc. The correct lighting in your workspace can increase your productivity and make you feel more awake.
Learn more about bio-adaptive lighting in episode 43 of ResiWeek. This episode also discusses recent changes to the overtime pay laws and how Legrand employees are saving the company lots of money.

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