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Why Integrators Should Embrace Holiday Shoppers

Are you one of the millions of consumers who shopped the weekend after Thanksgiving? Black Friday shoppers went after bargain sales, many of which included technology products. Even though consumers bought the products, there are still ways professional integrators can help.
This blog is a continuation of the ideas discussed in “ResiWeek Episode 42: Oh Snap!
Technology for the Holidays
Speaking for the audio visual technology industry, it is great that consumers are excited about technology during the holidays. Their purchases include smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, tablets, and more.
Even though consumers do not buy TVs from integrators on Black Friday, there are opportunities for professional integrators during this time of year. With voice control systems becoming more commonplace in the home, consumers are looking to integrate digital assistants and many of them could use professional integration help.
We had two camps. One was do it for me, the other was do it yourself. With IoT we are moving into a third option for integrators and that is do it with me. Where the customer is purchasing products thinking they could do it on their own but finding out they need help from you, their technology expert.
-Mitch Klein, Z-Wave Alliance
Digital Concierge Services
Whether your client purchases their technology in store, online, or from you, you still have the chance to play the part of technology hero. Simply put, be the client’s digital concierge for their technology. Of course you want the client to purchase technology products from you, but it is hard to compete with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. So what can you do? You can offer the client the assistance and installation services they need to make their technology work for them. There are many times consumers buy a new piece of technology, but once they have it they do not know how to set it up or make it work with their existing technology. This is where you can step in as the professional integrator to help them.
Use this opportunity to enhance the existing relationship you have with your clients. A client should not stop being a client just because they don’t purchase technology from you. Ask your client if the display they purchased needs to be installed. Ask your client if their smart remote is performing well as it may need a programming refresh. Let them know you can advise them on future purchases to ensure everything will work well together. Don’t just focus on the technology purchase itself, but look at your clients’ systems holistically—chances are there is a way that you can still help them achieve the technology results they are looking for.
Changing Buying Habits
Buying habits are changing, and consumers are making more purchases online. Many consumers don’t want to talk to people or hear a sales pitch. Instead, they want to buy products online or do the research themselves. However, stores with brick-and mortar locations—like Best Buy—are seeing growth despite predictions to the contrary.
Best Buy’s online revenue is up despite the fact that there are many consumers who still want to touch and see TVs and other products in action before they make the purchase. Consumers buy connected or smart home devices online or in stores like Best Buy, Staples, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Bed Bath & Beyond.
The Results
Consumers want to make their homes smarter and are welcoming many forms of technology into their lives. Integrators need to remain proactive and remind clients that you are there as a resource to support and help them with their technology applications.
Learn more about Black Friday technology trends in episode 42 of ResiWeek. This episode also discusses Best Buy’s growth and SnapAV’s recent acquisition of Visualint. Find out what Home Tech Academy is and how it is important to residential professionals.

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