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Year in Review: What happened to AV in 2016?

2016 was a year of upheaval and unexpected developments around the world, and the audio visual industry was no exception. While some 2016 happenings have industry insiders waiting nervously to see how things shake out, most of the year’s developments were positive for the AV industry. Here are some of the biggest:
The V in AVB
Disclaimer: Biamp is an underwriter of AVNation.
In the past, the biggest problem with Audio Video Bridging (AVB)  was that there was no video. But that all changed. This year Biamp delivered on the promise of AVB with their TesiraLUX line of products.
Voice Control
Houses really became smart homes in 2016 with the influx of voice control options. Commercial integrators should keep their eye on this technology, too. Voice control is headed for conference rooms and boardrooms sooner than most people realize.
Industry Consolidation
AVNation’s Tim Albright states, “Everyone does everything.” Samsung’s acquisition of Harman is a perfect example. Other examples include Biamp becoming a video company and Crestron developing a DSP. The downside to consolidation is that selecting the right product just got that much harder. The upside is the industry is ripe for innovation.
IoT security is and will continue to be a major concern. 2016 saw master passwords revealed, and the industry is still grappling with how to handle interfacing with unsecured network devices that aren’t thought of as computers.
The AVNation family had some big personal achievements in 2016 as well.

  1. Bradford Benn sat for and passed the CTS exam.
  2. AVNation joined the Electronic Frontier Alliance, supporting access to information and freedom of expression in the digital world.
  3. AVNation surpassed 5,000 followers. Thank you for joining us!

For all the strange and unusual things 2016 brought our way, overall it was a great year for the AV industry. More good things lie ahead. What milestone development will you most remember about 2016?

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