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New Year, New AV Trends

The New Year is upon us, and that means out with the old and in with the new in everything from your closet to your exercise routine to the audio visual industry. Here are AVNation’s top predictions for what we’ll be saying goodbye—and hello—to in 2017.
Out with the Old

  1. FCC Net Neutrality rules will weaken, or disappear, under the new administration.
  2. The AVNation website will be faster and easier to navigate.
  3. Virtual reality will face limitations in the professional market with industrial interfaces/headsets being the limiting factor. Limitations include having enough VR headsets for everyone in the meeting to use as well making sure the VR headsets do not leave the room and then make the system useless without them.
  4. Production values for all markets will rise, as will customer expectations. For example, bad video conferencing, such as choppy video and low audio, will no longer be tolerated.
  5. Crestron will continue the push to eliminate programmers by expanding their auto-programming features.

In with the New

  1. New HDCP rules currently in discussion will create a rift between content owners looking to protect what’s theirs and people interested in securing networks. The rules will alter potential system designs exponentially.
  2. AES67 will become the preferred digital audio transport with more individuals and organizations adopting it as the standard.
  3. There will be a resurgence in locally contained content, and remote access will be met with hesitation in both professional and residential markets, reflecting ongoing security concerns.
  4. InfoComm’s strategic plan, going into effect January 2017, will improve marketing efforts that benefit the AV industry, as well as outreach to non-AV companies.
  5. CEDIA will become increasingly important in the lives of commercial integrators, as more consumer and residential products find a home in the commercial AV world.
  6. Agile and evolving AV companies and integrators will thrive and grow, as they will continue to try and test new ways to provide solutions to their clients.
  7. “New players,” including those from established IT, structured cable, and other related fields will shake up the industry on the integration front.
  8. Ecosystem-driven design will continue to grow, and manufacturers will respond, providing more and more products to cover the breadth and depth of customer AV needs.

Some Things Never Change
The AVNation team also predicts that some things in 2017 will just be business as usual.

  1. Consolidation of the AV community will continue with mergers and acquisitions.
  2. Security for IoT will continue to be vital to all parties.
  3. ISE 2017 will be huge.

What do you see in your crystal ball for the AV year ahead?

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