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How Does Our Industry Get Social?

While you wait for your coffee to brew, you update your Facebook status. While you sit on the train, you tweet about your travels. While you eat lunch at your desk, you read articles on LinkedIn. You Snapchat, Periscope, or Facebook Live your experience at an event. Oh, and don’t forget to post your beautiful dinner on Instagram. Everything in real life ties into social media—everyone wants likes, follows, retweets, etc.
Every industry seems to have its own style and preferences when it comes to social media. So what platforms are used most by those in the audiovisual sector? Should how we engage each other change from one platform to the next
Is Your Website Enough?
The quick answer is no. If your potential clients don’t know you exist, how will they find your website? Sure, you can do traditional advertising and pay for radio ads, highway billboards, and banners on buses or benches, but will those efforts actually reach your specific audience?
Social media allows your existing and potential clients to learn more about your business as well as your personality. They can learn about the solutions you provide and the other clients you work with via social media. Your social interactions can highlight you as an industry thought leader and that you provide solutions to people with questions.
Where Do the #avtweeps Hang Out?
Most of the #avtweeps hang out on Twitter—it’s where the community started and continues to grow. Our audiovisual community loves to socialize as well as share the latest industry news. If you are not a fan of Twitter, that’s okay. There are plenty of other locations to catch up with your friends and industry colleagues.
Over half of the adults in the U.S. have a Facebook page, which indicates that a lot of people know what Facebook is, even if they don’t use it themselves. Instagram allows you to tell a story with pictures as does Snapchat. Snapchat and Periscope enable you to share your excitement about an event you are hosting or attending via video. And LinkedIn is a fantastic place to interact and meet other people in our industry. It’s a professional site designed for networking and seeking employment, and it’s a perfect place to establish your authority as a thought leader.
Hashtags are prevalent on Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, and Snapchat. Following specific hashtags can help you to keep up with the latest industry news and information. They also let you join the conversation by using them in your own posts.
The best part about these social platforms is that they let you engage and get involved with the industry. The next time you are in an airport waiting for a connecting flight, explore the options at your fingertips and get more social!
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