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Press Release submitted by: Soundcast
(Las Vegas – January 5, 2017) – Soundcast, the award-winning manufacturer of high-performance wireless audio systems, unveiled the latest in their VGX Series today and presented the VG7, a
weather-resistant Bluetooth speaker at CES 2017. Delivering the ultimate indoor or outdoor listening experience, the VG7 exhibits the stellar sound quality that Soundcast is renowned for and outfits speakers in a durable exterior equipped with shock absorbing and weatherproofing, creating the optimal audio performance for any environment. Soundcast will be exhibiting in Suite 30-228 in the Venetian Towers at CES 2017 from Jan. 5-8, 2017.
Equipped with a long-throw, down-firing 7” subwoofer and four 3” full-range drivers, the VG7 embodies a full-range, loudspeaker system in one unit. The indoor and outdoor audio EQ modes allow for a totally customizable listening experience in a variety of settings, and a rechargeable battery powers long playback. The VG7 features four discretely enclosed speakers for immersive 360-degree sound for any environment. Impressively rich and full as a solo unit, the VG7 boasts Soundcast’s standard Auto Bluetooth pairing configuration that enables two VG7 units to seamlessly connect and unite for an even more immersive sound coverage. Shipping Spring 2017, the VG7 retails for $799.
The VGX Series further solidifies Soundcast’s standing on the forefront of innovative audio manufacturers producing high-quality products designed to meet the evolving consumer’s needs. The ultra-portable, waterproof VG1 Bluetooth speaker marked the first release from the VGX Series. Crafted with premium 2″ aluminum drivers which include powerful neodymium magnets, a rear-firing weighted bass radiator, and digital sound processing, audio translates remarkably full through a light, 1 lb. package. The VG1 also works with Siri for hands-free control, features a built-in microphone for conference calls and volume can be easily adjusted, or track can be paused via on-board controls. Impressively rich and full as a solo unit, the Auto Bluetooth pairing feature allows two VG1 units to seamlessly connect and play at a 30-foot range for up to 15 hours with a rechargeable battery, filling a room, backyard pool party or indoor/outdoor setting with crisp, clear sound.
Look for the latest additions to the VGX Series product suite to be announced later this year.
“We designed the VG1 and VG7 as a direct response to the market’s demand for high-definition Bluetooth speakers designed for optimal sound quality no matter the performance setting,” said Oscar A Ciornei, President & CEO, Soundcast. “We studied the market extensively and had moved forward with our partner’s and consumer’s desire to continue to produce products that offer studio-type sound in the outdoors. The VGX Series embodies the notion that there shouldn’t be a need to sacrifice rich audio for a rugged, weather-resistant enclosure.”
Soundcast will be in the Venetian Towers at Suite 30-228 presenting product demos of the VGX Suite alongside the other high-fidelity audio suites.
The newest additions to the VGX Series are currently available for preorder and slated to ship Spring 2017. Preorder the VG7 by contacting Soundcast at info@soundcast.com and purchase the VG1 by visiting gosoundcast.com or amazon.com.
For more information on the VGX product suite, please visit gosoundcast.com. Dealers and Distributors contact your sales rep, a local distributor or Soundcast at 800-722-1293.

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