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City of Coppell, Texas uses Navori Labs

Dallas-area city sends timely information with ease and efficiency, while minimizing long-term costs across integration, operation and maintenance

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND/MONTREAL, January 31, 2017 – Nestled in the northwest corner of Dallas County, Texas next to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, the City of Coppell is home to nearly 40,000 residents. To more efficiently communicate news, events and information, the City has invested in a digital signage network powered by Navori Labs’ QL digital signage engine.

Utilizing digital media has been a clear benefit for disseminating important information to both staff, residents and guests who visit the municipal building on Parkway Boulevard. Powered by an on-premises QL Professional solution, the multi-seat software offers a flexible content creation, management and playout toolset for the dissemination of information to approximately 25 screens – including messages tailored for specific departments such as Facilities Management, Parks and Recreation and Human Resources.

Perhaps more importantly, QL Professional provides a simple means of displaying useful and relevant information for patrons visiting City facilities.

“We have found that digital signage offers an engaging approach to both internal and public communications,” said Albert Gauthier, Chief Information Officer at the City of Coppell. “Navori QL has provided a comprehensive toolset for efficient creation and dissemination of visual content that is engaging and appealing to the eye. We also find that our content is easy to refresh and keep current.”

Navori QL’s architecture also provides a cost-efficient foundation from which to scale to any number of players and screens, requiring only additional software licenses as opposed to intensive integration work. Future plans include a network expansion to the William T. Cozby Public Library, and the integration of touchscreen applications to certain facilities and displays.

QL’s robust user-permission features also provide network protection – an important need for any government and municipality-based communication system – ensuring only those with special clearance can upload messages to certain displays.

“It’s been very simple to create and manage multi-layered accounts from a sophisticated, yet easy-to-navigate Web-based interface,” said Gauthier. “Beyond operations, QL’s scalability is a benefit as we strategize ways to expand the network to serve more departments and stakeholders in the coming months and years.”

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Navori Labs is an enterprise committed to providing the most reliable, user-friendly software application available in the industry. An exclusive leader in the global digital signage industry with more than 15 years of experience, Navori Labs’ digital signage engine is built with everyone in mind and has been made accessible through a standardized product. Navori Labs has an innovative software engineering team that refines and enhances its software daily, balancing efficient design and operation with exceptional performance.  Visit http://www.navori.com for more information.

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