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Should You Market Differently to Millennials?

Note: This blog is a continuation of the ideas discussed in a recent ResiWeek podcast.

Millennials make up a large percentage of the population. How effective are you at reaching them in your marketing efforts?

Customer Service Is King

Integrators should be marketing their services to all generations of buyers. Being responsive and answering your clients’ questions will demonstrate that you are an expert in the audio visual industry. Providing great customer service will benefit your company as well as your clients.

Why Marketing for Millennials Is Different

Millennials tend to have disposable income that they are more willing to part with than other generations. They don’t want to feel like they are being sold to—they want to feel like they are receiving a customer service experience.

Millennials spend a lot of time online, often consuming their information from social media and videos. Technology solutions like augmented reality and virtual reality are targeting them with engaging video content. But just because they may be the focus, it does not mean that other clients should be ignored. All clients, in the right position, can benefit from the same technology.

The Role of Integrators

One top integrator in the United States decided to target millennials with a custom e-commerce site. They understood that their millennial clients did not want the traditional sales approach of an integrator coming into their home to sell them the system they need. Instead, the e-commerce site allows the clients to shop, click on what they want, purchase it, and then an integrator shows up at their house with the technology and installs it.

Yes, millennials may purchase their technology differently than other generations, but it doesn’t mean that they find less value in what integrators can offer. The integrators just need to understand their audience buying habits and adjust how they provide their services accordingly. Remember, everyone likes great customer service.

Want to learn more tips about how you can market to millennials? Listen to ResiWeek Episode 46: Millennial Marketing.

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  1. Yes, manufacturers and dealers should market differently to millennials, as they should with all their separate demographics. No one seems to be too interested in penetrating the market of unmarried millennial and genX males (~70% of males ages 20-34 are not married). This group of people makes more money than women and are also more prone to splurging on technology. In addition, any married man will tell you he’d have a lot more money to play around with if he didn’t have a wife and/or kids.
    It’s a sleeping giant.

    • Johnnie,
      Thank you for your comment as always. I love your “sleeping giant” analogy. It’s true, this generation is the biggest we’ve seen since Boomers and has the potential to eclipse GenXers (my peeps) in marketing and the workplace.

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