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Press release submitted by: MantelMount

CARLSBAD, CA (February 1, 2017) – MantelMount, creator and distributor of the world’s premier, award-winning mounting option for flat screen televisions, has introduced two new versions of its highly popular pulldown TV mount.  

Both products solve a common TV-mounting problem: people love to put their TV above their fireplaces, but the high position detracts from the overall viewing experience.  What’s more, it can lead to health problems, such as neck and backaches.  MantelMount allows users to mount their TV’s above their fireplace but bring them down to eye level for the perfect viewing angle.

The MM340 is MantelMount’s new entry-level product.  Like the company’s previous starter mount, the best-selling TM1A, the MM340 gives users the ability to easily pull the TV down off the wall and position it in front of a fireplace at eye level.  The MM340, however, offers 29 inches vertical travel versus 24 inches for the TM1A.  In addition, the MM340 allows for greater horizontal both left and right (30 degrees versus 20), and also features cable wire management.  

The MM540 offers all of the features of the MM340, plus a range of additional benefits.  Like the MM340, the MM540 has a vertical travel distance of 29 inches, but also offers an optional vertical tilt of up to 8 degrees.  The MM540 has exclusive heat-sensing handles that turn red if the temperature above your fireplace exceeds a safe 110° F; that way, you’ll know when to move the TV back to its original position.  In addition, the MM540 has a built-in sound bar attachment below the TV and above the heat-sending handles.  The MM540 also comes with paintable wall covers to hide the mounting hardware. 

An extremely useful feature of the MM540 is the included swivel extender kit that allows horizontal swivel up to 60 degrees in one direction.  This helps increase the range of seating options in the TV viewing room. 

Both new versions feature MantelMount’s patented construction combines high-quality automotive pistons with lightweight alloys and state-of-the-art counterbalance technology.  They feature a 4-inch wide center arm that eliminates all wobble while in motion.  In addition, both mounts will hold TV’s from 20-90 pounds, with a minimum screen size of 44 inches. 

MSRP of the MM340 is $299.  The MM540 is more fully featured than the original TM1A yet will sell for the same price, $399.

 “We’re very excited to introduce these two new versions of the industry’s best pulldown TV mount,” said K.C. Bean, MantelMount CEO.  “In conjunction with our MM700 series professional mount, we now have a ‘good, better, and best model’, meaning we have a perfect solution for every consumer who’s in the market for a pulldown TV mount.”

Consumers interested in the new products can order here.  Dealers who are interested can go directly to our dealer portal.  


Located in Carlsbad, CA, MantelMount is the premier wall mount for flatscreen televisions.  MantelMount not only offers tilt and swivel but also allows user to easily pull the TV down off the wall and position it in front of a fireplace at eye level.  A recipient of a key technology patent for pulldown television mounts, the company has distinguished itself with innovative mounting systems and multiple awards, including:

  • A 2016 CE Pro Best TV Mount award
  • A 2016 Electronic House Product of the Year 
  • The NewBay Media Best in Show for AV Technology at InfoComm 2016
  • A 2016 Vesta Award for Best Outdoor Room from Hearth and Home Magazine. 

MantelMount was also a finalist for the prestigious CEDIA Expo Product of the Year in 2015.  To order MantelMount or for additional information, go to www.mantelmount.com.

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