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Residential DIY Does Not Have to Be Scary

Note: This blog is a continuation of the ideas discussed in a recent ResiWeek podcast.
If you are residential audio visual integrator, then there’s a good chance you make sure to attend the CEDIA tradeshow every year. CEDIA provides you with the opportunity to network with other professionals in the home technology industry, as well as see new products and solutions. While you may get sidelined by all the cool gear around you, your ultimate focus is to find technology that will benefit your clients.
Residential DIY
Many homeowners want the ability to change the colors of the lights throughout their home or change the atmosphere in a room with a simple app or voice control. The demand for voice control has been made possible by Amazon’s Echo. So, what does it mean for professional residential integrators when clients want to purchase and install equipment themselves?
Integrators need to continue to find ways to serve clients and provide the services those clients need. Those services may include developing a sleek, simple online website for clients to purchase products and services or by being a recognized expert and thought leader. There are three ways that a product purchase can happen:
• Client purchases the equipment and installation services from an integrator.
• Client purchases the equipment and install it themselves.
• Client purchases the equipment and has an integrator assist with the installation.
The last scenario can be an opportunity to provide consultation services in addition to simple installation. The integrator can provide the client with a big picture view of how all their technology works together and how it can be optimized for their lifestyle. This allows the integrator to show their knowledge and usefulness to the client.
Of course, integrators want their clients to purchase the equipment and installation services from them, but the one-stop-shop method is not how all clients shop. Taking the time to provide support to a client even when they purchased their product elsewhere establishes you as the knowledge expert. The opportunity to prove that you are knowledgeable is invaluable because one simple installation can lead to other, more profitable projects.
Want to learn more about DIY projects in the residential audio visual market? Listen to ResiWeek 35: Scary DIY. The show starts off with our participants talking about the CEDIA 2016 show and ends with the announcement of Sonos being available in Apple stores.

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