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Time to Break out Your Bunny Ears

Note: This blog is a continuation of the ideas discussed in a recent ResiWeek podcast.
This year at CES, DISH Network made a splash with their new offerings that surprisingly make you want to dig out the old rabbit ears that used to sit on top of your TV.
Why would you want your old rabbit ears? Because DISH unveiled the AirTV—a set-top box that gives you a single platform to access your Sling TV, Netflix, and other streaming services, and it gives you access to over-the-air (OTA) local channels. To access the OTA channels, you simply connect your OTA antenna to your AirTV Player via an AirTV Adapter and voila!
Now that you have a way to access your streaming apps and watch local news without a cable box, there is something else that DISH is offering—native integration with Alexa. With this integration, you can search content—shows, movies, apps—with your voice.
Did we mention that the AirTV comes with a remote? What if you lose that remote? Before you start crying and tear the house apart, just push the Remote button on the AirTV Player—this will light up the remote and cause it to beep until you find it.
Their final reveal at CES was “DISH-on-a-stick.” This is not the official name of the product, but it is exactly what it sounds like—your DISH Anywhere content on an Amazon Fire TV Stick. This will allow you to watch your content anywhere in the world if you have an HDMI input on display.
Why would DISH change the way they’ve been doing business? This can be viewed simply as DISH recognizing the importance of mobile streaming. Offering these solutions allows them to maintain their service to their home-based clients as well as the cord-cutters. The traditional TV-viewing models are slowly going away. As the next generation of consumers grows older, the demand for more mobile solutions is increasing. It’s smart for developers and manufacturers to include OTA integration in their capabilities, and DISH is proving itself to be a nimble company that is adjusting their services to meet the demands of the consumer.
Want to learn more about OTA and mobile streaming solutions? Listen to ResiWeek 51: Always Listening. The first part of the show discusses the new offerings by DISH and the second half of the show talks about how brick-and-mortar retail integrators can avoid becoming obsolete.

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