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How IoT Can Connect All Aspects of Your Life

Note: This blog is a continuation of the ideas discussed in a recent Connected podcast.
When you think of consumer and residential tradeshows like CES and CEDIA, you think that those technologies only affect your home life. However, in recent years many technologies have been developed to work as both consumer and professional tools.
Harman, for example, showed off many new offerings at CES 2017. Harman has proved that you can have a connected life—from your home to your car, to your work, and to entertainment venues. For instance, as a consumer, you walk into a retail store, and you enjoy the lighting, the music, the displays—the overall experience. You make your purchase and leave the store. From the store owner’s perspective, the integrated technology allows them to view how their customers interact with it—what they touch, what they look at, what they buy, etc. Integrated technology can provide store owners with the feedback they need to properly display their offerings and make their store layout as appealing to customers as possible.
Harman recently announced two key partnerships. One is with IBM Watson (demonstrated in a hospital experience at CES 2017), and the other is a partnership with Microsoft to be their hardware manufacturers for a speaker that integrates with Cortana. Voice control is quickly becoming the favorite technology of the masses.
When it comes to IoT devices, security is a primary concern as people want to know how secure their data is that they are transmitting. Whether it is music or a business meeting, people want to know that their data is safe and is only going where it needs to.
One new IoT product that was at CES 2017 is the SensePeanut. They are smart sensors (currently available or coming soon in four models) that help you solve daily concerns. They connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone with a free SensePeanut companion app. The GuardPeanut is a smart anti-theft alarm that you attach to your belongings; if your property is moved or touched, it will alert you. The ThermoPeanut is a smart wireless thermometer that you can place in any room, and it will tell you the temperature via your smartphone. The SleepPeanut is a smart wake up alarm clock that you put on your bed, and it will wake you up at the correct time of your sleep cycle, so you wake up feeling refreshed. The MedPeanut is a smart sensor that you place on your pill container, and it will remind you to take your meds on time. It is smart enough to know when a tablet was removed or if the container was merely shaken.
Want to learn what other new products were shown at CES 2017 and how they can enhance your life? Listen to Connected 11: CES 2017.

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