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Almo E4 AV Tour Comes to Chicago

Have you registered for InfoComm yet? Hard to believe that show is less than 100 days away from kicking off. Last year brought us 1000 exhibitors spanning the Las Vegas show floor along with endless educational opportunities from the Saturday preceding the show until the 4 pm bell rang on Friday. I don’t know about you but I’m already exhausted thinking about the trip to Orlando this year. It just seems like a more and more impossible task to meet with key vendors and then try and find the hidden gems littered throughout the halls. So why break your back in Orlando? Why not get started a little early?
On March 22nd, Almo is going to be hosting their regional E4 show in Chicago, IL. That might be a bit of a trek for some to make it, but don’t worry Californians, the show will be venturing your way on April 19th in San Jose. This is a one day event in each city to relieve some of the stress of attempting to accomplish so much in the mere three days of InfoComm.
Need to have conversations with key vendors and partners? Some of the manufacturers leading the way in AV systems will be in attendance – and they’ll have their latest wares from ISE with them! This is a time to bring you clients with you, show them the latest opportunities for system deployments, and get your questions answered directly by manufacturers without having to make an appointment or hunt through an unruly booth to find someone available for a conversation.
Need to get a few more InfoComm CTS RUs? The day is littered with courses that will let you walk away primed for certification renewal. Some of these RU opportunities include InfoComm bringing its IoT Insights program to the E4 Tour for the first time. Joining me and a list of incredible experts for this mid-day session will clear away the mystery of IoT and illuminate the amazing opportunities for AV professionals to incorporate it into their systems both today and moving forward. What’s more is that this series doesn’t just sell you on the product opportunities, we also shine lines directly on the risks and concerns. This is your chance to get the full story of the Internet of Things and the AV industry.  There is also the digital signage content creation, Dante networking concepts for improved deployment, and designing your systems for optimum performance and profit. If you still need to learn about 4K, I’m sure someone will be talking about that too.
InfoComm’s certifications are a benchmark of the audiovisual industry and provide opportunities for continuing development and growth. Almo’s support of them is well known as the classes they offer are often required to provide RUs to the attendees. Of course, if you have any certification questions, please feel free to find me during the day for a chat about the benefits of the CTS certifications.
The InfoComm show is fast approaching, and it’s not a dry heat year, so why not take the opportunity to get ahead of the game, knock a few manufacturers off your list of visits and give yourself the opportunity to take more classes, see more exhibitors, and meet more incredible audiovisual professionals. Come to the Almo E4 event and get a leg up, get inspired for your next project, and have that illuminating moment of just where everything is going.

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