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New generation presentation system

Listen Technologies is expanding their mobile communication solutions with the launch of the ListenTALK™ product. Learn why Wayne Whiteley, Product Manager of Wireless Listening at Listen Technologies, believes ListenTALK will improve communication between presenters and groups on the move. 
How do you describe ListenTalk? How does it support group collaboration?
ListenTALK is a simple mobile communication device that is both a transmitter and a receiver. For groups of any size that need to talk to each other, such as a guided tour, mobile collaboration or training, or a production crew using intercoms, this is a great fit. Group leaders talk to participants on an open, secure channel, and members respond by pushing the talk button on their device. When it’s easy for leaders and participants to engage in dialogue, it’s easier for them to learn about an exhibit, understand a safety feature, accomplish tasks, and have a better, more collaborative experience.
There are two-way mobile communication devices on the market, but we kept hearing about two main issues: Devices take too long to program and pair—which is how they are assigned to groups, and they are overly complicated for the end user. To give you a concrete example, we had an integrator tell us that a system he worked with took up to 90 seconds per unit to program. That can add up when you’re programming 12 or 16 units. For end users, the more buttons and controls you have on a device, the greater the chance they will struggle to use it. And if it’s a single or infrequent use application, like a tour of a museum, you don’t want to spend time teaching visitors how to use the device. Everyone wants to get moving and see the exhibit. The communication device needs to be incredibly intuitive.
When we started designing ListenTalk, simplicity and flexibility were our primary goals. How quick and easy can we make it program the units and add them to the same group? How can we improve the user experience by including fewer buttons while still giving them the control they need?
How does ListenTalk deliver simplicity and flexibility?
We solved the programming and pairing complexity by allowing our units to be assigned to groups with the push of a button on the docking station tray, or by using the free software suite. It’s that easy – there is no complicated individual programming and channel selection. Using the docking station tray, you place the leader unit in the leader pocket on the tray and the participant units in the other pockets. In a couple of seconds—instead of 15 to 20 minutes, the devices are paired and ready to use.
Another option for quickly setting up groups or adding participants on the fly is Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. NFC allows leaders to add units or divide the groups up into several different groups, simply designate an additional leader(s) by inserting the red leader clip, putting the leader into “pair mode” and simply tapping the units together.
And the answer to how few buttons we could give end users is four. We determined that for the best possible experience, all the user needed was a power button, volume up and down, and a large talk button. The leader device has additional options accessible through soft buttons, but the experience for the typical participant is extremely easy.
Something else that was important to us was security. We developed a proprietary encryption technology for ListenTalk, which uses frequency-hopping sequencing, removing complicated channel selection and frequency allocation. What does this mean? It means improved reliability, reduced interference, and channel security for increased privacy.
What response are you getting to ListenTalk?
We’ve had great reactions to ListenTalk. “You’re going to sell a lot of these” was my favorite. And of course, hearing it called a gamechanger. I know “gamechanger” can be overused, but if your game is timed, getting a few extra minutes can make a huge difference. And that’s what dealers see immediately—the difference between 90 seconds per unit to program and pair versus one second to push a button and pair an entire group.
The flexibility we have in changing a participant unit to a leader unit simply by adding a clip and holding the unit next to another leader unit for a couple of seconds to pair has also been a popular feature. The unit interface itself has had a lot of positive response, we’ve simplified the design to include it to a talk button, volume up/down and a power button―it doesn’t get easier than that.
Hear for Yourself
To learn more about the ListenTalk Two-Way Mobile Communication System or to schedule a demo, contact the Listen team at 1-801-233-8992 or sales@listentech.com.
See the video AVNation shot at ISE 2017 of ListenTalk.

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