Why Digital Signage Expo


This week I am headed off to Las Vegas for Digital Signage Expo. We will meet with, interview, and bring you the show with the same quality you have come to expect from AVNation. The broadcast cameras are packed, and we’ll ask the exhibitors the questions you would ask if you were able to get away and meet with them yourself.

But why? This is our first foray into the Digital Signage Expo. The simple answer is because of you. For the last three years, we have surveyed our audience to get a sense of where you are in the industry and what is important to you in your daily business. For the third year, you and your fellow AV professionals have listed Digital Signage as one of three main concerns. I can see why.

There are people much smarter than me who have been talking about digital signage as a viable revenue source for AV integrators. Not just the hardware either. Whether you have a graphics and digital signage content creation department or you partner with an excellent sub-contractor, DS is absolutely a great area of AV for your business.

Yes, I still consider it a part of audio visual. You certainly have the visual part in the great displays, vibrant colors, and technology implemented. It is also the interactivity that so many great AV integrators are already putting into systems, just on a different level.

Digital signage has evolved to the point where there is arguably equal parts AV, social, visual arts, and of course connectivity. This is where things like beacons, your social media feeds and preferences, and “big data” come together to serve you and others consuming the signage some pretty unique, and customizable, content.

Now, digital signage is not for everyone. I get that. However, I would argue it probably fits more of you than not. So, take a look at it if you haven’t yet. Watch ours, and others, coverage of DSE this week.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Have a great week.


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