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Welcome to the new AVNation website. After about six years of migrations and moves, Tim asked me to make things better. For the past six months, we have been dissecting the website and the use of AVNation in general. We want to make things better for you as our audience. I also wanted to make things easier to maintain and manage.
As the web architect and digital janitor, I defined what the goals of the new website are. The first and primary thing is stability. The next essential items are improving findability and ease of use for our audience. The third goal is simplifying management of the site. The last target is being able to understand better how our audience is using our site, improving our metrics while respecting your privacy. My personal goal of making the site more secure weaves throughout these tasks.
Over the next few weeks in my new column, Bradford’s Brain Balloons, I will explain the approach we used. Let’s look at the new site first that is more fun.
The front page now includes more fresh content from various sources; press releases submitted to us, updates from various RSS feeds, our most recent posts and our most recent podcasts. Also, we have simplified the navigation through the site using the navigation menus, improved results pages, and more landing pages. The onsite search tool is optimized. The podcasting tools are also updated, allowing more subscription and notification options. In case you haven’t noticed we have completely changed the appearance.
We worked hard to preserve all the content, later in April we are planning on republishing the former site as an archive.  I also have added a “Blame Bradford Button” so you can tell us if there are problems on the site or if you have any comments and hopefully compliments. It doesn’t just go to me; the message goes to the entire AVNation web team.
Don’t worry Tim’s Monday Morning Meeting will be back next week. In the mean time you can read all of the previous Monday Morning Meetings or the rest of Tim’s writings. (See another cool feature.)

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